the idea of publishers killing the Internet Archive is horrifying and should be horrifying to everyone.

But yes we need to decentralize it. put a copy in universities around the world. It can't just be one place in CA.

@anelki The last thing society needs is some loser in a suit coat demanding that history be taken down from public access because some boomer 'owns' it.

@wholesomedonut as a librarian, I work on web archiving and digital preservation projects. I admire the fuck outta the IA folks. My boss is friends with their founder.

if they win this, it puts many of my own projects at risk.

To be honest, I was expecting something like this to happen for quite a long time already.
I do not think, a technical approach like a decentralized archive is the ultimate solution for this problem. Of course a decentral archive would be better in terms of reliability, but in the end the problem that needs to be addressed is our broken copyright system today.

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