apropos nothing, I sure do wish university faculty would stop making their students register for "free" third party services with ominous privacy policies

@anelki I wish I could boost this with triple the effect a single boost has


ngl, I wish every organization that outsources to some third party IT supplier fully integrated the services into their DNS name space, getting all the required security certs to go along with this, the whole thing.

Like, if I can detect anywhere along the line a domain name for someone other than the company or university or WHOEVER then they just shouldn't be using that service.

@anelki Like, I'd say to them: You chose the third party contractor, not me. You need to make it work and take responsibility for everything they do, not me. Don't show me their name don't show me their terms of service, nothing. I don't want to know and shouldn't have to know. If I know, it's broken and wrong.


This would also drive a huge stake into the heart of intrusive third party adtech libraries and cookies and all that. If I intend to do business with and I add everything from to my allow list and block everything else, it should just work. And if my info is getting passed along like a beachball at a rock concert it should be entirely clear there who is to blame.

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