how do you people fucking use vim this is infuriating

@lupo I'm trying really really hard to use it but jfc it keeps making me hate it.

@anelki @lupo I learned vi (not even VIM!) ages ago when I had to work on Windows, OS/2, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SCO, and maybe some other oddities. Having one common text editor enabled some sanity.

VIM was a nice evolution. Today I'm still only using a single-digit % of its potential, but bulk operations and regexen go a very long way to increasing my productivity.

Watching other people use VIM also helped me level up. Splitting windows, min/maxing them, etc...

@dbs @lupo i've been a nano user since forever, and ive seen it make leaps and bounds forward but everyone here uses Vim which is why I keep trying it.

Most people still think nano is some dinky little thing with no options when instead it's actually become really powerful and customizable.

totally not imposter syndrome or anything.

Not that infuriating if you've spent all your childhood playing NetHack 🤣

> bulk operations and regexen go a very long way to increasing my productivity
Sometimes it's better to leave it at that. Sure vim can be turned into a full-featured IDE, but sometimes that nice file browser and tagbar, autocompletion and spellchecker just take time to load. I often start it with an empty config just to be able to move around quickly, especially if I'm over ssh.
@anelki @lupo

@m0xee @anelki @lupo

I *did* think about mentioning NetHack as a vi training tool! Thanks for that.

And yeah, I've tried some of the fancy IDE-type plugins, but always fall back to a pretty vanilla VIM with syntax highlighting and indenting. (Although when the latter goes wrong, it pisses me off!)

@anelki It's not so infuriating once you learn a few basic things. Quite the opposite, it can be productive.

@anelki vi is great. I spend all of college trying to use emacs. After one day on the job, my boss typed 'vi' on the terminal to help me edit a spice deck, and I have never looked back.

What your coffee-preparation method says about your text editor:

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