wtf apple, just let me do this my way

let me boot from my cloned drive and let me do it the way I've done for however long


my POW is building a new building and one of the renderings they're showing off features an unattributed Kafka quote from one of the darkest parts of Amerika.

It's almost certainly there to make fun of them and it's just hilarious to me.

In German:

„Die Oberköchin schien das als eine angenehme Nachricht aufzufassen. „Dann sind Sie also frei?„ fragte sie.

„Ja, frei bin ich“, sagte Karl, und nichts schien ihm wertloser.

if I wanted to use iOS, I'd buy an iPhone.

But I don't. There's a reason I never moved my personal MBP to Mac OS 10.15.

going to work on Wednesday to pick up more stuff from my office.

having a tough time figuring out how I'm gonna fit two Mac Minis on this desk.

To translate:

This is BitBucket saying "okay. for those of you who haven't already created accounts on, get to it." @sir


of fucking course Söder has a Bavarian flag face mask.

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