There are even moments when the authority of the socialists and communists is worse than the bourgeois, for they tear down their own ideas and trample on them.
-- Nestor Makhno

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the onions are really blooming on the timeline this morning, life truly is one great big Outback Steakhouse

this university has a huge school of mathematics but the campus bookstore doesn't sell rhodia notebooks smdh.

What's next? no hagaromo fulltouch?

lets see how many people i can piss off in one go today 🫠

Gnome: We have this Notifications that pop up top center of the screen. How can we use that to the max?

Snap: Don't worry. I start notifying 2 weeks in advance of an update, repeat every day.

Gnome: Nice. Could you increase the notification frequency even further?

Snap: Sure. We already did. We do it for each separate install. And tell our victim to better close their app to avoid disruptions.

Gnome: Hmm, Disruptions. That's a nice find. It will worry them, and show the importance of our UI.

for anyone in Iran needing a Signal proxy, we've now started one.

DM for the link!


trying to remember to be flattered that someone thought I was a college senior

@platypus lmao tfw you accidentally create (debatably)the premier libtech organization.

i'd just like to note that the person who used a tech listserv with 4K people around the world stopped doing it when someone finally said something.

no need to thank me 😎

When people say they have nothing to hide, let's reply:

* Post your passwords here
* Write down everybody you hate
* Tell the world who you voted for
* List all the videos you watched

- Medical history.
- Sensitive conversations with employers, children, spouses.
- Billing and banking information.
- Purchase information.
- Web search history.
And more...

I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because 'your' judgement and intentions are.

And it doesn't matter whether or not my communications are weighty or frivolous in nature - they are mine and only for those whom I've chosen to share them with. Not the government's, nor goog's, nor my ISP's, but mine.

Also, what is legal where I live today, may not be legal tomorrow and my discussion of it may incriminate my future self. It has happened in the past many times to others in other places.

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