also, I keep seeing "wechat" and keep asking myself what "weechat" did to almost be banned

to the person who waved back earlier:

I'm sorry, but I was waving at your doggo

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suckl€ss, pol, far right 

@Lofenyy run dmc was a band, then everyone copied that graphic style. But given the fact that Neonazis copied it, many suckl€ss people use other forms of nazi iconography, etc...

RUN GCC is a reference to...

re: suckl€ss, pol, far right 

@aza_leah fair enough. Or FCK AFD

find it in your local library:

borrow an epub from the Internet Archive:

buy a copy from a local bookstore:

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@sxrah canned air on the cd drive? or maybe the cable's loose?

I think it's a really good moment re-read Rorty's "Achieving Our Country" and if you're on the left, it might be a good idea for you too

it's short but there's an enormous amount to absorb.

Because this song put me in a really good mood....

MGMT "Electric Feel (Justice Remix)"

Happy Friday, y'all...

I chair the transit agency's Riders Council that is ostensibly supposed to represent everyone who uses the transit system. it's a mess and it was often ignored.

not to brag but I joined and brought a crate of Ricola and screaming on twitter/befriending journalists/going on the radio

and fuck

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y'all here should be so glad i don't have my (Washington DC area transit agency) tweets crosspost

you're welcome.

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