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fuck computers

I've had enough of their shit today.

I went to my office today for prolly the last time in months or a year at least. brought home the last of my important stuff.

realized I now have about 24TB of storage in my apartment. ...I may have a problem...

horror movie 

Crimson Peake is a fucking TRIP


my POW is building a new building and one of the renderings they're showing off features an unattributed Kafka quote from one of the darkest parts of Amerika.

It's almost certainly there to make fun of them and it's just hilarious to me.

In German:

„Die Oberköchin schien das als eine angenehme Nachricht aufzufassen. „Dann sind Sie also frei?„ fragte sie.

„Ja, frei bin ich“, sagte Karl, und nichts schien ihm wertloser.

and it feels weird and dumb saying this, but it hurts a little. I've been a Mac user my whole life.

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There's a reason I've held on to my 2013 MBP for dear life. There's a reason why I have MacOS installers as early as 10.12.

But I guess this is it. I've been a Mac user since I was 5. My first computer was a hand-me-down Mac SE/30.

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if I wanted to use iOS, I'd buy an iPhone.

But I don't. There's a reason I never moved my personal MBP to Mac OS 10.15.

WWDC 2020 

make messages multiplatform already for fucks sake apple

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hey, maybe as a first step, apple could stop fucking with the indie devs who have made MacOS what it is? Instead of---you know---turning it into iOS for the desktop?

pt. 1:


remember March when people sincerely thought covid would be mostly over in summer because of the heat 🎢 🙃🙃🙃

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everything is beyond absurd and now it's summer and somehow even worse

like i know im different to most people but do normal people really know whether the pain theyre in is caused by hunger, thirst, or tiredness,, and do they really not see eating, drinking, and sleeping as chores

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