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Strangely, being pranked by Borat so it looked like he was masturbating in the company of a teenager was the least embarrassing thing Rudy Giuliani did in 2020.

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Prison labor is used to load bodies into mobile morgues, folks form bread lines a mile long, millions face eviction, children fall behind in education, elected officials commit crime in the open w/o consequence & most of the tax $$$ is going to rioting equipment for police forces

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Fox News and Facebook did to our parents what they said video games would do to us.

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The marshmallow test is a fantastic analogy for the COVID situation, in that people like to pretend it's about individual grit and determination, but it actually highly correlates with wealth, food insecurity and how trustworthy the adults in your life are. twitter.com/AaronMesh/status/1

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We don’t need your 7 pm applause. We don’t need your donated pizza. We even don’t need your gratitude.

We need you to wear a mask & keep your distance so you stop killing each other & you literally & figuratively stop killing us. It’s all we ask.


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You won’t find a better meme

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What will a Biden Presidency be like? Well, under Obama:
- healthcare costs rose
- housing costs rose
- minimum wage fell (via inflation)
- wealth disparity rose
- union membership fell
- deported more people than Trump
- bombed more countries than Bush

Probably kinda like that.

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Stop asking how Democrats will β€œbridge the divide.” Making the losers feel like they won is not how Democracy works. It’s not our job to fabricate a soft spot for whiteness to land after they tried to drop kick us in the face.

They’re the ones born with parachutes.


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The neoliberal bipartisan establishment wants to invest more of our tax $ into killing us with its police forces than into improving quality of life in the country. They can claim otherwise but the federal, state & local budgets tells the truth. 2/2

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Just aliased "cowsay" to "beef"... and today has instantly improved by 15%

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Apropos: it's time for the left to take back and decentralize our communication tools. More @xmpp@twitter.com and fediverse/mastodon, less Signal and Twitter. More self hosted, less at the whim of explorative commercial algorithms.

Let's take back control of what's ours. twitter.com/jsrailton/status/1

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recommend reading the whole thing, even or especially if you don't think electoralism is the way forward twitter.com/nytimes/status/132

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the Proud Boys warn they will make a "damn good attempt" at a civil war if the President ask

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True reconciliation and healing can only come as a result of justice being served. twitter.com/ithayla/status/132

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Nancy Pelosi wants to be speaker again, so now's a good time to remember how she gave Trump a HUGE increase on his military budget, funded ICE concentration camps, and helped try to primary the second most progressive person in the senate.


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