@clarjon1 assets:precompile was noticeably faster 👍

@ben i've been noticing that the instance has been getting stuck, and i've had to restart it a few times with the more recent RC. The previous RC was more reliable

@clarjon1 stuck meaning? I skip rc releases since tilde.zone is not a single-user instance :p

@clarjon1 lol yeah it is :)

wouldn't've updated otherwise

@clarjon1 where do you publish your tweak source?

@ben So far I've not published it, I suppose I should.

It's just a tweak to two files to raise the 500 char limit to 69,420 characters

live/app/javascript/mastodon/features/compose/components/compose_form.js and

Replace all instances of 500 with 69420 in those two files.

@ben No it's more of the technical how. I've not really forked a project to update only a couple of files before, not dealt with the whole rebasing things. I suppose I could...

@clarjon1 that's fair!

i have a small patchset that i maintain on top of released tags: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

workflow is:
git pull --rebase upstream v2.8.0
...deal with conflicts as needed...
...git-rerere here so you only have to resolve conflicts once...
...normal deploy stuff...
git push -f origin master

@ben ah cool. I suppose this would be a better way of handling this, eh?

@clarjon1 it works for me! it's not unwieldy yet cause it's a relatively small set of patches

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