@goossbears I'm seeing over 100 people connected in there

@goossbears looks like the webchat crashed, should be back up now

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under biden–harris regime, ICE & CBP has deported over 26k people in just a few weeks.

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such a victory of propaganda, to have people interpret the things actually happening to them in their own society as indicative of what things are like in other imagined places

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@joerebelloharley nice! irc is great! you can also join irc channels from xmpp with the bridge I set up: use this room format @biboumi.tilde.team

@joerebelloharley which one is the other in this scenario? :p I like both, but the main community is on irc

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technology connections is incredibly funny but i never expect him to be funny and it always catches me so off guard

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tilde.zone updated to latest glitch-soc, sorry for the unannounced blip

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sorry i can't do any work today it's gromits birthday

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no stimulus checks out, vaccinations are extremely inaccessible, somalia is being bombed, folks are being evicted & deported, biden is backing a dictator in Haiti, police are still terrorizing protestors.

but bc Biden's tone is different, y'all eat it up. twitter.com/Amy_Siskind/status

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