@gemlog I have no idea. I'm afk currently. maybe @tomasino can restart the services?

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found my first tweet. what a time to be alive

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playing on computer and iPod touch.

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« L'ère des géants de la tech »
Les entreprises avec les capitalisations boursières les plus élevées (comparatif 2005 / 2021).
Vous avez dit #GAFAM ?
➜ Avec le « M » de #Microsoft à la fin SVP !!!
Il faut arrêter de l'oublier ou de l'ignorer.

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wow, the new github copilot is really smart!

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@M0YNG i'll try to remember :) i have a draft i started somewhere, gotta go find that

@M0YNG i followed a couple guides and read plenty of documentation. i've actually been meaning to write up a blogpost guide for mailservers for years but i just haven't gotten around to it.

some key notes:
- make sure the hostname that postfix is using matches the rdns for your ip
- test your stuff with mail-tester.com
- double check your dns records
- be sure to set up dovecot-sieve and possibly managesieve for mail filtering (i use this heavily)

@M0YNG no worries, i run debian with postfix, dovecot, opendkim, and rspamd. is there anything in particular you were looking for?

@kmj it can be a lot of work to set up, stay off blocklists, and get your mail accepted everywhere. I don't mind it but it's not for everyone

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Me: I need to trim down the number of domain names I've registered.

Also me: Oooh, this cool word is available! :flan_ooh:

@bcallah oh nice ive not heard any bad things about posteo :)

@bcallah you might want to consider paying for a mail service - check out fastmail and migadu. also an option to run your own if you're crazy like me lol

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My dad, a practicing attorney for 40+ years, read the Nestle & Cargill rulings and goes “this is a blueprint for how to get away with slavery”

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the best thing you can do early in your career is realize no company will ever care about you and you should work as little as you need to in order to get by and not give them even one extra second of your life twitter.com/ImNotJK/status/140

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