@cdmnky mm i don't always remember to water it every day

@cdmnky I don't leave it open 24/7 - does that have any effect?

@cdmnky woah wild how do you get it to go faster? I'm only on gen 6 or something

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Actually, forced sterilization is part of American history, and you don't need to go back to the 30s to find examples of it.

There were federally-funded eugenic programs that targeted Native American, Puerto Rican, Black, and poor women for decades. twitter.com/debramessing/statu

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Especially when it comes to history we don't have an education system, we have an indoctrination system. We're given years of lessons in American Mythology & trained to believe the most important thing to remember is the date it happened instead of why it happened & what it means

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I know I already RT'd this, but it's one of the most mind-blowing stories I've read in ages. Big Oil lied to us about plastic's recyclability. They knew that both a burning planet AND a plastic-filled ocean would result from their actions.

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@stern looks like it's already in /etc/shells

fyi i check irc more often than mastodon if you need to get in touch

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@stern that's what the police are for in the US

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I’m hearing too much β€œrecycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough β€œ100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”

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happy Ted Cruz Liked a Porn Tweet and Blamed It On An Intern Day

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animals distorted by glass; a thread

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Real "looting" is when Congress steals your money without your consent and hands it to weapons and oil corporations while you can't afford to see a doctor during a pandemic without bankrupting your entire family.

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the sky is literally the wrong color and they're still asking how we can afford a green new deal

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we really let capitalists create the conditions that require charity and then look like heroes for giving to charity

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i laugh as elon musk beams a meme directly to my frontal cortex via NeuraLink.β„’ omg epic win. i blink twice to NeuraLikeβ„’ it, then think very hard β€œthank you sir! please send bitcoin.” i open my eyes. it’s suddenly nighttime and i am strangling a union organizer.

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Biden could probably win 3 million new votes overnight being like β€œok legalize weed and zero out student debt!” even if he didn’t mean it, but instead he’s chasing 7 undecided white 66 year olds in Michigan who want an oppressive police state run by a nicer guy.

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The thing you have to understand about America is that anyone who grew up there, grew up being fed propaganda that most of us took at face value. That sounds like an extreme position, but it's the literal truth.

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