@dokuja yup!! log in with your shell password!

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@kensanata @tomasino

should be back up and running with a newer cert!

@tildeverse maybe cause it evens out over the year? maybe it's just habit? :o

@sophia i still need to read the book and decide what classification of shitposting it is lol

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"At least under capitalism people aren't dying. No one's starving" says Craig, who considers himself a centrist, stood in front of a long line for a charitable food bank in one of the richest nations on Earth

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Hi, people!

I am tilde.team/~cognifice .

My hobby is , the art of language invention. I am currently promoting and ( ) as the moral extension of the project started by .

@tomasino hehe idk what to tell ya... i'll get it eventually but this is way easier :)

btw @tomasino this is the account that i use in bitlbee (and get better notifications on), not @pleroma.tilde.zone

@crushv @kaniini good call!

just shaved off a half-gig or so!

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