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a good day for my starter words
Wordle 328 3/6


@haskal oh wait it just published 3 hours ago... updating now

@haskal i'm using the packages from their stable repo, looks like it's a bit behind the nightlies. i will update it whenever they publish a new stable version

@haskal yeah i'm not sure, i just checked for updates yesterday and there wasn't anything available

birbsite crosspost 

ok they changed some more things


turns out NYT did change wordle answers. but they only removed 6 words:

$ diff nyt.txt orig.txt
> 'agora',
> 'pupal',
> 'lynch',
> 'fibre',
> 'slave',
> 'wench',


@haskal i have it up to date with whatever jitsi published in their apt repos

@Sandra @annika I think I actually picked up my starter words from the 3b1b video about optimal solving strategies 😁​

@Sandra @annika I start with CRANE then SPLIT depending what letters were right

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@fcktheworld587 america is so fucked

@annika i looked but only to see if NYT changed anything :P

I should check again, this is from when they first bought it

@annika got lucky! do you use the same starting word every day?

Wordle 319 2/6


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@ben_hr sure thing, holler if you need anything! irc is the place to go for that, there are people on most of the time

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@claudiom i will add this instance block

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