tilde.zone has been updated to 2.9.0 and there's a new single-column layout!

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@solderpunk @tomasino i ended up setting specific ipv6 addresses in /etc/inetd.conf since I run the gopherd for tilde.team, tilde.news, and tildeverse.org. separate ipv4 addresses too for that matter

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@wowaname @cdmnky i'm just concerned with nsfw stuff in the main channels. do what you want in your channels as long as it's legal i guess

@cdmnky i have 0 plans to join your channel. as long as it's not something i can get in trouble for, do what you want.

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Inspired: Talking to ben by using IRC to send a toot on fedi that goes through ben's IRC client

@cdmnky that's my setup and I'm sticking to it

@cdmnky uhhh it buzzed my phone I'll consider that a ping

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