@dudenas this data loss was my own fault -- i should have done a direct database backup before attempting the upgrade. i thought the vm-level backup was newer

@dudenas i apologize for that, the database wasn't working after i tried the postgres 13->14 migration so i restored from a backup :(

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How to Manage Your Depression Without Buying a Loud Mechanical Keyboard

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tilde.zone updated to current glitch-soc/main

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every time there is discussion on Real ai enhance images i remember this image and die

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β€œCan you explain this gap in your resume” yeah I made it in LaTeX and I don’t know how to make the paragraph breaks smaller

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Cool country you’ve got there. Would be a shame if someone invented a website for ranking hot girls on campus and your mom used it to learn how to poison herself with horse paste.

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If there was a conspiracy to harm ppl with vaccines they’d be flooding Africa with them, except on contrary, they’re depriving Africa.

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1. It turns out that big-box stores are an even worse deal for cities and towns – worse than anyone, even their opponents, once thought.

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@guofu @mnw @deepend it's an unofficial bridge. the only one we run is for xmpp

@epoch sure thing! sorry it breaks all the time lol

@epoch is it back now? i upgraded the vm it was on from ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 and had to reinstall the ruby dependencies

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