I like how Australia Post chose to deliver my smart watch that I ordered this past Thursday... on the same day apple did to keynote

"We've discontinued the print version of our publication."

OK, disappointing but understandable.

"Here's the new 'online' version which is just a PDF of the magazine in its traditional layout that doesn't fit properly on any screen known to humanity at any readable resolution."

Oh, get fucked.

why is late night radio in Australia so good 🤔

should i set my school inbox to forward all mails to my personal?

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hey @michaelreeves@twitter.com the ssl certificate on your site expired 19 days ago you lazy fuck

(ps tasers for the fucking win)

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@Google@twitter.com i need to report a @gmail@twitter.com account as it's linked to a @facebookapp@twitter.com phishing scam. and by the way Facebook, if you're reading this, they used a friend's account to contact me on Messenger. I'd like to try and help said friend get her account back.

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i'm tellin' ya now, trump's a fool™

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trump says corona*virus* it's "tOo bRiLlIaNt" to beat with antibiotics. Someone seems to have missed the _virus_ part in corona*virus*. (And yes, i'm looking squarely at trump)

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any mobile games I should play while stupidly bored?

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yo @dbrand@twitter.com will you ever end up producing cases n skins for the OPPO AX7? I'm kinda getting bored of the clear case it comes with :/

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RT @ZacksJerryRig@twitter.com

Bored from the lockdown? Winning a Teardown Z Flip would probably spice things up... here's the rules:

1. Follow @ZacksJerryRig@twitter.com
2. Follow @dbrand@twitter.com
3. Retweet this

Picking one random winner in 72h! While you're waiting, check out Teardown for your device: dbrand.com/teardown

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ZacksJerryRig/stat

so my bro Kieran baked a couple of chocolate cakes these past couple of days. one iced, one not. the not iced had been completely devoured, but the non iced still has a single piece left (grabbed one after taking the snap)

while I was on the conference bridge on @cat@cat@hackers.town's tilde.tel, with cat himself, kieran was putting together the iced cake to then bake. when I brought it up with cat on the bridge, Kieran decided to fat-shame me. I'm not even that fat 😂

@mike figured you'd wanna see this for some reason

should i tho

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