i regret to inform you that this wednesday's BRENDO ON THE RADIO SHOW has been cancelled, due to flu shots and family commitments conflicting with my timeslot. my apologies for any inconvenience.

so i might've made a Scratch project that happens to contain audio from @cyberia's donk.systems...

for some weird-ass reason, i, a year 11, was assigned a task where 3 sprites are dancing. i... may have made some edits. working on getting a scratch account up to share.

what genius created this app!? found it on f-droid. happens to have fedi support too!

should fires be extinguished with a Bose?

(pull up the thread for a screenshot for ref)

"3 buckets of water and a Bose"

— MrKrazy100 (my idiot little bro)

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should fires be extinguished with a Bose?

(pull up the thread for a screenshot for ref)

but should I really sleep tho?

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as I type this, it's 22:38 thu apr 29 2021 AEST. I've got a work placement starting at around 9am AEST tomorrow morning, with maybe 20 mins travel time by bike (out the door by 8am). alarm set for 7am. I should def put my phone down and cuddle casper catte (image from archive) til I fall asleep.

opened weechat-android to this. note that most are probably from when @snowdusk got my attention in and as a result a whole bunch more pings from everyone active at the time... but can we just take a hot minute to admire the niceness?



i realise i could create a script that uses this

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