on the plus side, at least it's flying along at lightspeed with the unpacking and installing part, unlike poor chonkbook in most cases

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got bored, decided to install kde plasma on my pop os install, on my current laptop. i'm certain i'm gonna regret this.

(in my defense, Side A is more consistent in format than Side B)

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can someone pls help my incompetent ass get wireguard to work 🥺

update: made a HUGE mess of my room trying to find a tiny lil wireless dongle, and what am I doing now?

loading @konpeito onto my MP3 player that I just found.

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so I took it out and attached it to my current, erm, USB chain

(they're sitting atop my old Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 which, yes, I still have. fuck you.)

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oh and I found this in my bag that I had in year 7 thru 8, which ended up falling apart and becoming unusable...

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oh yeah, I've still got the box for the god-awful razer cynosa chroma that I bought a couple of years back during Christmas/New Years for the hell of it TO THIS DAY

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postal packaging, two from @cat@hackers.town, another from another tildezen? has weird sentimental value. electric shaver box? can't be fucked dealing with. bootleg Minecraft cushion? *shudders*

footy scarves? haha I'm lazy

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anyone else just jam shit that you don't wanna throw out in your closet ahead of a rental inspection?

no? just me? fuck.

status update:

jabby stabby 2 of 2 complete. 5G mmWave activating. (/s)

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trying t-ui as my launcher on my phone.

let's see how this goes.

god I hate random anxiety but this fucko pushed through

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