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so my bro Kieran baked a couple of chocolate cakes these past couple of days. one iced, one not. the not iced had been completely devoured, but the non iced still has a single piece left (grabbed one after taking the snap)

while I was on the conference bridge on @cat@cat@hackers.town's tilde.tel, with cat himself, kieran was putting together the iced cake to then bake. when I brought it up with cat on the bridge, Kieran decided to fat-shame me. I'm not even that fat 😂

@mike figured you'd wanna see this for some reason

should i tho

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so all of a sudden my household modem decided to be a slight asshole and randomly tried to reroute secure connections to brendo.strangled.net (my website running on my secondary PC right next to me) to port 8443 instead of 443. might just be how it handles internal connections, i dunno. but fuck dude. that's weeeird

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Is it just me or has ol' Scotty been a bit contradictory in his press conferences lately? 🤔

Now listening to @cat@cat@hackers.town's KONPEITO of Spring 2020 (I'm assuming the seasons are based on the U.S' season cycle cause we're only coming into Autumn Down Under at the moment)

I had more time on my hands to see what I was actually taking this morning lol

@vantablack sending positive vibes to go towards your job search! :3

happy thursday! copied this over to my USB on the bus to school. :)

Was in a pinch and took this photo this morning right as I was running for the bus.

@PixelFed is there a feature for me to migrate my account from an instance seemingly in restricted mode to an instance that's not?

TIL that forkbombs do work within Termux on Android. Be careful folks

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