haha I nearly went down the rabbit hole of songs that released when I was around 7 or 8, which mum has on CDs, and are also backed up to a USB stick

send help

tech tip: i fucking hate ubiquiti's software already

i had to set up a switch so that classmates could set up a basic network, but the fucking manager software wouldn't allow me to adopt the switch

haha I can't sleep

everyone send @iris hugs.

because i said so. don't argue, just do it.

how to write an unnecessarily complicated wallpaper manager in 4 easy steps:

1) write it as a script that's supposed to be downloaded from a remote source which then downloads the wallpaper from the same source using a different protocol

2) split it up into a local script with a remote downloader

3) forget exactly why you did this


(surprise motherfucker that's how I'm storing shit at home now)

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update: it's finished updating.

it's probably running updates in the background though — it's only JUST firing up RAZER Synapse. a whole 5 minutes after invoking it.

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ah yes the best time to run a system update on a desktop without a UPS is during shitty weather that could potentially knock out power

me: "hm let's see what the fediverse is up to"
also me: *opens tusky to the home feed*
@vantablack: ***has the most posts in said feed***

what I was originally gonna post tho:

(it's within a discord server where everyone gets my surname :p)

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how to piss off @iris in 5 easy steps!

1: figure out a fix for asterisk being shitty so that calls last longer than 30s
2: open MicroSIP with the "AC" toggle pressed
3: call the iris system's extension
4: also call a rickroll extension

do y'all reckon this is a good replacement pic for my avatar? had a friend take this for me a few hrs ago.

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