ugh i just want my goddamn stimulus already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck

why did my abusive parents have to claim me as a dependent to steal it

why did my abusive ex-boss have to refuse to give me my W-2 to make it more difficult to get

god. fucking. damn. it.

why are there so many shitty people in my past

considering getting like a used smartwatch on ebay or whatever once i get it

to help with my ADHD

since a day planner is fucking useless if i can't even bring myself to actually use it

i've had good results with a smartwatch, however

until my asshole abusive parents stole it

ugh now i'm just thinking about how fucking useful it was having my old one and


i hate my parents so fucking much

they've taken so much from me

and continue to find ways to hurt me

the worst i could wish upon them would still be too good for them

seriously super fucking mad now thinking about just how much it helped me and how they just wantonly and on a whim decided to deprive me of it

what the fuck

i'm like trying to find my samsung account info so i can log into their site and get my old watch's last gps coordinates to see if they maybe brought it with them

not that i'd go and get it from them, but if they abandon my car somewhere... then yeah

fucking hate samsung for discontinuing the lost smartwatch GPS location feature like a week ago

what the fuck

desperately searching the serial number everywhere i can to try to find info

like maybe they pawned it or something and there's a way i could get it back


but probably not

it was so useful

like a HUD but for life and on your wrist

i would almost consider actually meeting up with them if it meant getting it back


@vantablack it's only useful if it's driven by a powerful enough chip, or the OS is well optimised...

wear os on my fossil q explorist (gen 4) is a total nightmare at times. there are moments where it can barely even give me the time. it locks up. HARD.

@vantablack I also wish it had an onboard speaker for calls, but then again some apps take a damn while to open


@vantablack on the plus side: 2 programmable buttons on the right hand side mean that I can have a calculator and my agenda on hand damn quickly!!

@vantablack (the system my school uses for timetables has a calendar I can sub to, so I did in GCal for the sake of seeing what class I have next on my watch.)

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