My girlfriend and I just tried these and two other snacks from Denmark. They were good and fun! Have you had them? nordicexpatshop.com/ENG/kims-a

It's kinda too bad that I don't like having long hair — I look good! (Minutes before I leave to get it cut.)

Today I learned that YouTubers don't receive any money from ads that I skip, so I've stopped skipping most of them that pop up on my favorite creators' videos. (I'm on mobile, so I can't block the ads like on desktop.)

📚 Just published a long article about "Writing a Technical Book":

⚡️ andregarzia.com/2021/04/writin ⚡️

Hope people here like it. Feel free to ask me anything.

#books #publishing #techwriting

RT for reach plz.

Man, the reboot of Battlestar Galactica did a great job of making you care about the characters. You really feel the emotional scenes in a way that you rarely do with shows.

I finally setup version control for some I've been doing (the project). I kept putting it off, so I'm glad that I finally did it. 😅 It's like I had to get it to a point where I felt like I *really* didn't want to lose my work.

"Why do the defenders of the market not raise their voices against the practice of externalizing costs in that way? After all, to pass on your costs without accounting for them is not merely to impose them on others; it is to destroy the process of reward and penalty whereby the market realizes its potential as a self-regulating device. The ease with which large producers can transfer their costs is the glaring abuse through which the market – otherwise one of the core values of conservatism – condemns itself."

Last night I made major progress on making charts of my skateboarding data. I figured out how to iterate through a data frame of trick data and make a chart that would include any N numbers of tricks. Whereas before I only knew how to hard-code which tricks are used. So now I can refine the upstream processes so the charts can be used more regularly :)

The total cost of this regulation-induced sprawl in the United States may be enormous. According to one study, if just three cities – New York City, San Jose and San Francisco – loosened their rules against building denser housing to the national average level of restrictiveness, millions would move to jobs that made the best use of their skills and total US GDP would be 8.9% higher. This would translate into average American wages being $8,775 higher per year.

The housing theory of everything

I've rediscovered my love of fake (and funny) Confucius sayings. 😂

I love how simultaneously irreverent and reverent it is towards to attribute funny sayings to philosophers.


thanks! nice to meet you :)

you're welcome to join the hyphal fusion forum! it moves at a pleasantly slow pace and there are many kind amateur mycologists there.

Cool sites! I am fascinated by too. I'm partially messaging you so I can find your sites again via a different device. :)

I've been watching Battlestar Galactica, and man, it really is good. :) I keep wanting to look up plot elements on the wiki for added lore, but I don't want to spoil stuff (I end up spoiling shows for reasons like this all time time).

A bunch of friends + Leah and my brother went and did trivia at a local brewery and we won! My first time at trivia. Beginner's luck, likely. 😅


Part of my irritation is watching folks expect / demand that people go back in person. Sorry, but I'm not even going to entertain that until COVID isn't in the headlines anymore. We're already seeing the downsides of this with travelling circus of The Olympics, and that's with a nation and the IOC making [an attempt at | paying lip service to ] safety of their charges. And we're finding that it isn't working. What makes us think that this will work at-scale?

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Librivox is a site creates and makes available for free, audio books of books that are public domain in the United States. All of its content is hosted on the Internet Archive which is headed into a big lawsuit that may not end it its favor. This could potentially doom Librivox as well...

So, go to Librivox and look for stuff you'd wan't to save. Because thanks to entities like the RIAA, you may not be able to easily find this free PUBLIC DOMAIN content for a lot longer:


"[Tokyo 2020 is the] first Olympics at which the medals are made entirely from recycled metals. This graphic takes a closer look at their composition and how the metals to make them were amassed."


#Sports #Olympics #TokyoOlympics2020 #Materials #Recycling

It's funny how finally articulating your question(s) to an expert, especially with the hope of them helping you with it, leads you to figure out a likely solution(s).

I sent a question to some experts in quant and right as/after I hit the send button I got what feels like the solution. Don't worry, I wrote it down! (Here in the EDIT section, if you're curious: reddit.com/r/statistics/commen)

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