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I love this clip. It's such a great encapsulation of a mood and outlook, and it's so quotable.

Straight blissin':

I like to think that my neighbors enjoy hearing me burst out with laughter all the time. 😅 "For a guy that lives alone, he laughs A LOT!"

Yes, you're correct! I posted these posts before looking into the term/concept itself. I was reacting to the news article I saw without looking into it more. 😥

The concept itself is actually quite interesting in terms of path dependent outcomes and innovation.

The article I saw the term used in was just more like "the market won't give us what we want at the price we want it, and we're f-ing pissed!" 😂

@bthall I've always taken it as the price is what destroys the demand (by making it so that people "do without" or find alternatives)

While economists have some crazy assumptions, centralized planning is not one of them.

I start laughing every time that I look at the high gas prices because of how a recent article described the prices as leading to "demand destruction". ("Destruction" insofar as the prices are so high that the quantity at which they're demanded cannot/will not be paid for at those prices.)

It makes me laugh because this phrase would only be used by someone that's working with a very different idea of how the economy works/should work. It's like expecting the economy to be centrally planned and that in this case some person/policymaker arbitrarily set a high price and wiped out "demand" overnight, similar to as if they killed off a whole industry with strict regulations, but the gas prices thing is affecting the consumer side of the market instead of the producer side.

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Let us see each other at our loveliest, happiest, strongest, and most vibrant — with our best feet forward. Let us be open and vulnerable, allowing our minds and emotions to intertwine and for us to find whether, in being intertwined, we feel a harmony or a dissonance.

I'm not gonna go jumping into your arms just because it's clear that you think I'm a catch. It seems that you're the one that's falling, and you haven't convinced me yet.

A boy needs to distract a girl with fun thoughts that excite her mind, otherwise she might think too much about how he excites her body.

I got this outfit the other day and though the ladies might end up being quite unimpressed, imma feel sexy as hell 😎

This is truly heart-breaking. Here we have two owners who have a tiny #skateboard shop in #Oakland who simply want to share their passion and business with the community and they get robbed:

If you have a chance, stop down and buy something from them. Let's band together to help these guys build their business back up again.

*slowly removes sunglasses* We can't put this off any longer

Oh Lord I have so little faith. So little faith that I may receive your words as your words, understanding them as you would wish for me to understand them. I wish that we may speak directly and freely, that you may speak to me in the ways that I know so that there are no or so fewer barriers for me to understand your meaning. But I understand that it may be so that if you were to speak to me in ways that I know, I may not be able to come to know the things that I do not already know and need to know. Please grant me patience and faith so that I may bear this uncertainty and doubt, especially self-doubt and self-distrust, and press on despite them to understand your ways.

What did lemon do to not have a color named after it

*glances at orange and lime*

I've finally made a thing that gives me a somewhat overview of all the projects I have in my code folder. There's 41 projects of my own, including the thing that gives me a list of all the projects.

The oldest are from march 2019, because that's when I started using this computer.

14 of them I have worked on this year so far.

I've been doing lots of sappy writing lately. 😅🥂

I feel that I have not yet earned the right to say that I love her. And to not say it hurts. But perhaps I need not say it, directly, for all my other manners may convey that truth as much or more than my speech would. I know that they are not magic words that elicit good or better things. Often times those words, "I love you", trigger fear and insecurity. I may avoid using them until the matter of saying them is superfluous. I may say them when my beloved has already felt them on my tongue. I may say them when they have already seen them written in my eyes.

You speak of missing your beloved and needing them near you. However, there are periods when both should be apart more than they would otherwise prefer for the better protection of both parties. If one's beloved was in the hospital and attached to many machines that were keeping them alive, how wise would it be for the lover to selfishly detach their beloved from those machines so that they may hold them nearer to themselves? Is it not clear that doing so would imperil the beloved further? Be then content, for the time during which it's required, to be at the necessary distance from them and no further. Hold to your faith that your love is known and that your beloved will be there when you may return closer to their side.

Ye of so little faith yet of supposedly so much love. You let your faith diminish out of fear around losing what or who you love. Do you not know that your love cannot be touched by fears — that your love is what it is? Fear instead that which may actually prevent or destroy love. Love requires faith. With little faith, you can have only little love. Do not lose your faith out of fear of losing your love, for it is the loss of faith that may most guarantee the loss of love. Love cannot survive or thrive without faith — faith in you and the beloved and in your relation to each other. Faith will carry you through the tough times and enrich the easy ones.

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