This was the last bit of african soil that many slaves saw before been transported in the bowels of transatlantic slave ship to america.

I seem to have lost most of my bluntslide skills, what little of them I had. 😥 It's quite a bummer to try them now.

I did my first really good bluntslide today, and thankfully my friend was there to witness it! I still haven't been able to pop out of the trick yet, but I suspect that I'll be able to do that soon if I can learn how to do what I did today - good balance and slide - and lock it in.

My friend finally saw one of my longer bluntslides! He was really congratulatory and complimentary about it. It was quite heartwarming that he was so happy for me. :)

Necessity-driven progress: I started to practice nollie noseblunts to give my back leg a rest from all the bluntslide attempts. I got much closer to them than I thought I would! I'll continue to try them.

My friend was filming me skate earlier. Naturally, he was caught up in rewatching a clip while I did a far more impressive attempt. 🍻

Truly my most impressive bluntslide to date! (Can you feel how low the bar is on this?)

:( I put my pads and helmet on to go skateboarding, then I saw that the ground's all wet from rain.

Don't mean to brag but I did about 5 perfect pushups today

I'm out skating. The other day I realized that my ollies have become really low-powered and unsteady, to the point of being barely able to ollie up curbs or ledges. So I'm practicing them a bit and laughing at how terrible they are. 😂

I've tried to migrate to this account from @bthall but the list of who I was following didn't transfer over. 😬

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