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I love this clip. It's such a great encapsulation of a mood and outlook, and it's so quotable.

Straight blissin':

I like it when the chat server at work has a dedicated channel for sharing music, but I'm never satisfied posting links to just a single service (Spotify, YouTube, whatever).

This project runs song link and album link services that cover all the the major platforms but are still nice and lean.

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Do any of you subscribe to podcasts that are pretty much just blog posts in an audio format? I'm curious to hear what one would be like

Today you can congratulate me, I finally got my third citizenship. After being born in Poland and gotten the German one because all my grand parents were German, I lived here in Sweden for quite some time so I got the Swedish one too!

One thing I feel frustrated about Mastodon is how difficult it is to find people with similar interests (yes yes what a cliche). Every day I TRY very hard not to go back to my FB.

Just stumbled upon
by @Luca

An utterly amazing tool that allows you to search hashtags of public toots in local or federated TL. Still haven't found much in #arthistory or #AsianPhotography, but it at least motivates me to post more and use tags effectively!


I didn't quite like Seth Godin's podcast when it first started, but I do like it now :) I don't know if it's actually gotten better or if I've just gotten used to it, but it is nice. I've liked his blog for years and it feels a lot like his blog

Lost a neighbor today. He was gentle and kind. He reminded me of my grandfather who died many years ago. I am still in shock. Regret not spending more time with him. He would do the stairs in our condo as exercise and take a break on our floor to drop a couple of milkbones for our dog. I worked out with him in the gym sometimes and when I had time I would join he and his wife for coffee in the morning, along with other neighbors.

Kiddo is explaining game mechanics to me. ”You see those hearts? When you run out of love, you lose”

Putting framed quotes meant for the kitchen in the bathroom.

Stories are everywhere. They're everything. Narrative is how people construct meaning in their lives.

Even if I never write another word, I'm going to spend the rest of my life thinking about these lessons.
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Pretty designs on credit cards are funny. It's the only piece of art that you're really not trying to show off to other people.

I purchased an ebook on Amazon which I can read online on Amazon's Kindle. (Don't own a smartphone or an e-reader.) Is there a way to convert the ebook into a pdf-file so that I can print it?

Made a mid-day #focaccia, with lots of #herbs from the garden. This is a common Friday-evening supper thing for us, usually with a few more items on top. This batch though is for sandwiches sometime later, so is rather simple with just herbs, salt and olive oil garnishing it.

Have found these to be very tasty split up the middle, and the bread/filling ration is nice this thin.

How's it going with prepping the podcast? I have a headset new, ya know, in case you'd want me as a guest. *flexes his puny muscles*

I'm looking forward to my place being fully unpacked and organized so I can get back to messing around with projects in my free time. 😅

On Monday I finished moving out of my apartment and moving in with my girlfriend at her condo. There's still boxes everywhere, virtually nothing is organized, but we're both excited. My body is super rundown from all the lifting, carrying, walking, and stair climbing.

My girlfriend, my Dad, and my brother helped me with moving, and I really appreciate their help. I also got experience with driving a U-Haul van, which was interesting and a bit scary - apparently my girlfriend is much, much better at parking large vehicles than I am. 🤣

So US #inflation hit 9.1% yoy in June. You might think wages should be rising as well, right? What with the massive labor shortage and all? Well... not in real terms unfortunately.

Real weekly earnings are down 1% May-June and down 4.4% yoy.

Corporations are effectively reducing their wage costs during this period of inflation. Eroding the meager gains made in the past couple of years.

#economics #usa

In the past month I got into a new relationship with a woman who seems weirdly perfect for me and who I will likely marry and have children with. We'll likely be at least engaged in a year's time. She's sweet, funny, smart, and, I admit, really frickin' gorgeous.

Prior to starting to date we also arranged for me to move in with her at the end of July, and we're keeping those plans. We're both quite excited about it. We have spent lots of time at each other's places and around each other's family and friends, and we feel like we'll get along well when living together.

Everyone in our lives who have met us both have remarked on that we seem like a good match and that they like and enjoy being with us both. :)

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