Hey Jonas, a long while back didn't you have the idea of setting up a social network where all the users' posts are put/displayed on a common timeline as if every user was in the same time zone? I've been thinking about that lately and have been curious to see how users end up behaving in a system like that.

I've moved all of my book from my parents' house and into my apartment. There's too many. 😅

Please send me funny wifi network names for my new apartment

“Looking back, the … Raspberry Pi … wasn't encouraging me to learn to program, but exposing me to the world of free and open-source software: using a Linux/GNU operating system, installing all these different programs people had just made and shared with everyone, being in control of the whole system and being able to poke around. Although I didn't realise it at the time it really changed the way I think about computers.”

I've been using Zotero for years. It has all these tools that I rarely use: notes, tags, related etc.

Does anyone have good resources (or just personal suggestions) on how to get more out of Zotero?

I have a bunch of packing to do today. I'll be moving into my first apartment on Tuesday. :)

Hey search engine operators, when I do an image search for "tank man" and this picture doesn't show up, I stop trusting your search engine.

Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests being violently quelled by the Chinese Communist Party, who killed or injured thousands and have never been held accountable.

Framework’s Innovative Modular Laptop is Now Available to Pre-Order

Most of us consider an ‘upgradeable laptop’ to mean one that lets you add a stick of RAM or offer room for an extra SSD — but hardware startup Framework wants to reboot our expectations :sys_more_orange:
#Hardware #News #Fairphone #Framework #Laptops

:sys_omgubuntu: omgubuntu.co.uk/2021/05/framew

I recommend that you add to your social profile some links to things that demonstrate your programming experience and Gnome experience. It's currently difficult to go from seeing your posts that ask for help to understanding whether you might have a relevant piece of experience for a workplace.

Your blog looks good, and I suspect that you have a profile on a Gnome-related git instance.

I’m currently looking for work. If anyone has any programming contracts available, please let me know.

At this point in time, if anyone can help me by supporting me on Patreon I’d greatly appreciate it while I persue a stable income.


Oh god I forgot how long this takes

how did I ever rip DVDs as a teenager

...oh right, I used to play MMOs while I waited for it to finish. (Or sleep.)

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I think I need to have more fun, especially to do more unstructured play. For work I've been grinding through assignments for months, and in my free time I've mostly been doing things that have some sort of objective behind them. And this is exhausting and stressful.

On Memorial Day I went to the beach with my girlfriend and some of her friends. Our sunblock didn't protect us enough, so we're pretty burnt up. I'm looking very blushy. :)

My weird heart symptoms seem to have gone away around the same time that I got a heart monitor stuck to my chest, but I'm glad that the monitor is still collecting data to see if there's any lingering problems.

I've got a heart monitor stuck to me now. I get to be a cyborg for two weeks!

Anyone want to talk about Docker for a user group?

We're a local user group that meets on the second Tuesday of every month and are always looking for speakers. We're remote for the foreseeable future, so our only issue is TZ (EDT)

One topic that has been a perennial request is Docker. Do I know anyone that would like to present on Docker?

(boosts OK)

(Also if you would like to talk about any topic on our "topics looking for speakers" list we'd love to hear from you:


After work I did almost nothing but play the that I like, . Another player partied up with me and helped me level up a *ton* and helped me with gathering the items for the job change quest, which I was able to complete. Now my character is a Monk and can do fun combinations of skills and really rip monsters to shreds. :D

After talking with my doctor, I'm feeling much more optimistic about my case. I'm not having symptoms that really suggest there's cause for concern - not passing out and no chest pains, lightheadedness, or tight chest. We'll do a blood test to rule out nutrient deficiencies (like iron or general lack of water), and we now have requests in to get a heart monitor for me that should help us understand how intense the arrhythmia is. I can resume doing physical activities. :)

It feels like a weight's been lifted, but I'll stay watchful and be safe.
@kirch @adamd @lnxw37b3

@bthall I have had on and off AFIB for over a year now. No sign I am going to die any time soon. I suspect you will be just fine. The worst part for me was the stress. I am getting over it now. Skip it if you can. Lots can be done for a irregular heart beat including nothing at all.

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