Today I started on organizing my digital and physical notes so I can review them and do things with them. I tend to write a lot down but do nothing with them, and I think the fact that I don't do anything with them has been somewhat discouraging/disappointing, so I'm gonna try this out as a step in possibly the right direction.

I have so many physical notes that I doubt I'll transcribe them all.

So far I've categorized nearly 8800 words worth of my digital notes, but there's still nearly 12000 left 🤣

And this is only one document! I have an old .org file to go through + eventually I'd want to pull out stuff from Google Notes and Simplenote.

I'm pretty confident there's some things in here that are worth adding to my website, so it might grow quite a bit over the next few weeks/months.

@bthall have you thought about something like a multi-year diary?

Not quite, no. I have never quite enjoyed the feeling of doing a regular diary/journal, especially physically. I think I'll somewhat do that as I post to my site, to have a record of dates for when I was thinking various things (, but not in a day-demarked manner.

Do you do diaries?

@bthall I try to write in a journal every day just to get some perspective and learn from my mistakes.

Hi, I didn't receive a notification about your reply for some reason! I have used TW, and I actually use it to produce my website! I've just been lazy with storing my notes in one massive file in since I can easily add notes to it via my phone.

Do you use ?

Keeping a #bulletjournal was a big help for me in reducing stray/useless note clutter.

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