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I've been doing lots of sappy writing lately. 😅🥂

I feel that I have not yet earned the right to say that I love her. And to not say it hurts. But perhaps I need not say it, directly, for all my other manners may convey that truth as much or more than my speech would. I know that they are not magic words that elicit good or better things. Often times those words, "I love you", trigger fear and insecurity. I may avoid using them until the matter of saying them is superfluous. I may say them when my beloved has already felt them on my tongue. I may say them when they have already seen them written in my eyes.

You speak of missing your beloved and needing them near you. However, there are periods when both should be apart more than they would otherwise prefer for the better protection of both parties. If one's beloved was in the hospital and attached to many machines that were keeping them alive, how wise would it be for the lover to selfishly detach their beloved from those machines so that they may hold them nearer to themselves? Is it not clear that doing so would imperil the beloved further? Be then content, for the time during which it's required, to be at the necessary distance from them and no further. Hold to your faith that your love is known and that your beloved will be there when you may return closer to their side.

Ye of so little faith yet of supposedly so much love. You let your faith diminish out of fear around losing what or who you love. Do you not know that your love cannot be touched by fears — that your love is what it is? Fear instead that which may actually prevent or destroy love. Love requires faith. With little faith, you can have only little love. Do not lose your faith out of fear of losing your love, for it is the loss of faith that may most guarantee the loss of love. Love cannot survive or thrive without faith — faith in you and the beloved and in your relation to each other. Faith will carry you through the tough times and enrich the easy ones.

I bought District 9 on Blu-ray a while back (for $5!) and I'm watching it for the first time. Such a good purchase. The movie is so well done and looks amazing.

It's interesting to read about a topic that applies to all people of all different backgrounds, such as self-esteem, but to read about it through a text that's aimed at a demographic that you aren't a part of. The whole thing is loaded with assumptions and cultural understandings that are foreign to me and kinda strange/wrong-feeling and likely too subtle for me to even pick up on. And I'm not a member of the demographic, so I have no idea how on-point its assumptions are. It's a fun puzzle that both might be insightful and might give me over to misunderstandings of that target demographic.

And on that day the Lord declared that everything was "dope" and then chilled for a while.

@bthall Yeah! I'm stoked! I am envisioning father-daughter days at the local bowls and pump track. I'm sure my younger son will develop a corresponding interest, too. 🙂

My daughter is goofy footed which I think is neat. I'm regular footed, but I already decided to learn everything switch while she learns.

If you suffer from a chronically stiff lower back like I do, maybe you will appreciate the cat-cow and deep squat with reach mobility exercises that I favour.

Remember to activate those glutes when arching your back up.

Deep Squat With Reach:

#fitness #mobility

I landed two stationary kickflips today. I wasn't intending to try them yet, but the kids asked if I could do it, so I *had* to try. 🙂

#SkateDad #Skateboarding

Having many interests, it's sometimes refreshing to just pull up an article, video, etc and read/watch it for a few seconds, zone out, then catch yourself and realize "I don't care about this thing one bit. And oh my God is that nice."

A sweet song about parents thinking about their kids and them growing up

These comics about couples' interactions are so cute and hilarious. I needed these laughs.

I think it's ok for me to want relationships and to actively value them so long as I don't hinge my self-image or self-worth on being in one. Desiring a relationship and valuing them is great, and it's possible for us to do that while still not being in one or actively pursuing one.

Starting the day with bodyweight exercises and background sexy music. 👌

Music playlist:

The matter of being lovely is being endearing, a quality which may first emerge from holding something dear to yourself. Hold something dear and do it with such abundant joy that others either cannot help but be curious about the thing as well or cannot help but be moved towards feeling a joy of their own.

I'm in a really proper and poetic mood right now, and I'm getting lots of writing done. (Albeit maybe not on the most worthwhile of topics.) It feels great!

Naturally, this post is a bit of an exception, as I feel less free here to write as I do in private — often using a different vocabulary and manner of phrasing things, one which seems old, as in old books.

I think that I should post more things to my website. It's tough, as most of my writings are small in length, and thus don't seem worthy of having a whole page dedicated to each one. I may compile like ones, little by little, into a topical page, though.

We are often estranged from our higher selves, for much of the time the world demands that we show it a different face. But it feels wonderful to reconnect with people of the same or similar spirits and, in their repressed times, aspirations. Keep not a habit of repression and meanness of spirit lest you carry it into times and places of abundance, when and whereat doing so would be to unnecessarily deprive everyone of a greater form or quality of existence.

Man, this is a great song 👌 Sexy, great vocals, nice eastern influences, and relatively simple beat.

It's cool that I captured and reflected an example of what he described, but it's a bit of a let down that the idea isn't original to me — that there's little guarantee that I'd have thought this at all without being first exposed to his essay. Oh well, I'll take it.

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I was all excited about having written this, but now I realize that it's just an instance of what Emerson described, more generally, in his essay "Character". I'm ape-ing again!

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