I just helped a friend of mine build a "smart bike" with a built-in taser that shocks the driver if they are touching the handle. The taser is activated via a Telegram bot that up until now could be activated by anyone with its username...

Thank god I don't do IT security

So I've been playing Smite lately and I just found out that Neith has a skin called Swift Scurrier... Anyways here's a wip

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I have a channel on Youtube that's OpenBSD centric if anyone is interested.


I know I should use zlib, but I've been very tempted to write my own implementation of DEFLATE for the game that I'm currently work on (I would like to compress the assets before shipping them).

Like, I could use zlib now as a placeholder and later once all of the other components are done I can start replacing it with my own code, but I feel like I might as well get that out of the way now

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Illustrations I've made for Mobilizon: a free/libre federated tool to publish your events, your pages, your information… and to focus on organizing your group. The version 2 has just been released 👍 framablog.org/2021/11/23/mobil
#ccby #krita

I'm including it on a university project as I'm writing this, and despite our professors surprisingly consistent display of indifference towards the actual quality of our code, I get the feeling he may take exception with the fact I included a header just to declare a single custom exception

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I wrote this ugly header for custom exceptions at work because we needed to quickly find a way to replace a lot of runtime_error exceptions that a previous employee left us with.

I hate it, and I hate the fact I consistently keep using it despite not needing it most of the time.


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I've just finished a project that I've been needing in a few projects for a while: a C utility & library to bundle files in an overlay filesystem within a program.


This is also the first time I've actually been able to finish a "bigger" project for a while so that's nice.

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I used to watch game plays of some of the "newer" Sam and Max videogames a few years back, and just now I got a recommendation for one of those same videos.

My god, the writers behind their lines are absolute geniuses. It's not everyday you feel compelled to have an open dictionary next to you while watching a video.

Okay, I gotta give Enterprise its credit when credit it's due. Season 2 fucking slaps (so far, and in comparison to the first one). T'pol is still the best character by far, but at the very least Archer is starting to act more like and adult and less like a (more) childish version of Kirk with Daddy (or rather Vulcan I should say) issues.

So apparently doing computer vision using FPGAs without any ip blocks is non-trivial. Shocker amIright?

Actually, forget charming, this does seem legitimately useful for people who are just starting to mess around with device drivers

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The video they listed is quite charming if nothing else, although I would have proffered it if they had included the presentation files and examples as well


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I was digging around the Linux Foundation website (that's the level of boredom I'm suffering right now) and I found this lovely article


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