I still don't know what wordles are, and at this point I am too afraid to ask

Just received my first commission order on FA... I don't know why but it feels so surreal, like that shouldn't happen

I spent like, 3 hours trying to install the 360's SDK on my windows partition last year. That's why I will try doing the same this year but with wine. Wish me luck

Black Ops 2 using system link on an RGH console, the only real way to experience a trip down memory lane

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this is the coolest shit

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🔥 Strong winds create unusual shapes in the frozen sand alongside Lake Michigan reddit.com/r/NatureIsLit/comme

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Nature_Is_Lit/stat

I promised myself I would spent this entire weekend drawing... Anyways, I'm done re watching season 2 of TNG

On the plus side I think the gallery view ended up looking okay-ish, so I'm going to leave it like this for now


Goddammit I'm crying at the xkcd comic about spirit again

TNG, S03:E07, everything was going so well... but then they had to fuck it up with the brother shit. I would have love to see Worf react to another Klingon challenging his Klingoness. But no, we couldn't have that, they had to be related in some way... I will continue watching the episode but damn what a disappointment

One of the few good souls on YouTube worth looking up to. No joke, this guy's prosthetic is so fucking good I have to convince myself it is not just some prop for a cosplay

TIL that stores charge $12 for an issue of PC World magazine. No wonder why they are dying

The amount of bots in his comments don't really give me much confidence

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5 am, can't sleep, been looking into ion thrusters for 3 hours (again). I need to know (cuz I'm awful at physics) are there any chances that this guy might be for real?


I still can't believe this domain name was only 3 dollars...


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