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You need to understand how much I love trees

At first I thought it was just my family but now I think all people from Washington get on my nerves.
Except for a handful, you know who you are with your good taste in music.


If my skipper thinks he can screw me he'll get his name dragged through the mud, worse than the sealions he fucked.

Its 11 PM and the sun is still up. I love that about this place but the mosquitos are bird-like.

This week in star trek 

That wasn't fly fishing. My biggest gripe of the episode.

The best star trek since ST Nemesis.


If one hot pocket takes 2 minutes do 2 hot pockets take 4?

Shit writing in star trek 

Ok what is facinating SPOCK.
you clearly can not finnish a thought without a prompt.

It gets slightly better but the first episodes have some rough dialoge

Star Trek Strange New Worlds 

The doctor says 9 casualties one more dies later on screen an is confirmed. At the end of the episode the Secuirty officer says 7 people died. Idk, maybe two people where taking naps in sick bay, its possible. new star trek has shit writing.

Not your scheduled programming 

So I'm drunk and trying to go to sleep when the thought comes into my head. "Do vegans fart?"

It techniquely uses bevy-rs but only for it's entity component system and input handling.

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worked on my webgpu stuff today after a break. added a grid to better visualize it. changed the orbit paths to be not giant filled in ellipses, and added a giant torus hanging out in the background.
Adding new "render pipelines" is super easy now. Want a new one that is slightly different its 20 LOC to configure it instead of 200.

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Never browse the federated timeline in a public place unless you are feeling brave or have given up

Stole some raspberry bushes from the university forest today and transplanted the sunflowers outside. 🌻🌻

Online games
Went back to playing 1v1s for a bit. Was nice to not be called a noob, thrower, or team killer for a minute.
Now I'm called a scumbag, sheep fucker, and ***non repeatable phrases***
AoE2 has such a welcoming community

TSA started flipping though my magic cards. Pretty sure they where looking for acid.
"That is a serious amount of cards"

Vlc is cold garbage on Android. Not worth the time

Today there was a cat playing with a blade of grass in the yard. To fuckin adorable.

The day I leave my succulent started flowering. Hopefully it's still doin that in a week

RedHat and Gnome would make you think they wrote the open source Nvidia kernel module.

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