God uploading attachments to this website is terribly slow, approaching 10 minutes for a 6 megabyte pdf

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Getting worried that I haven't heard back from the railroad so I applied to two jobs, commercial fishing(uhg I love/hate it but the money is too good), and a park maintnence position(loved doing it before but the pay isn't great). Both of these jobs are practically guaranteed

You need to understand how much I love trees

Just realized I lost all my ducks ・゜゜・。。・゜゜\_o<

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Its tilderadio.org night tonight. buttstuf and 33 1/3 on right now. IRC is bumping too !!

For those on irc I'm now chmod777 instead of chmodrwx

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Ask me anything, I know some things about some stuff, and also I like to think I'm not too boring

Do Rust, Go, and Arch Linux users have a conference where they exchange ideas on how to say "I use ..."?

Is the FSF even relevant? It seams all they do now is fight one legal battle every couple years to enforce the GPL and set a precedence. Do they do anything else?

Still shitty that he has that platform again.

My Rust/WebGL/WASM project is coming along nicely. It's almost where I want it to be

If you have any shitty/funny country music songs I need them.
Listening to them with my roommates and I need recommendations

We have turned dnd 5e into pokemon. I now understand why you can't catch "fainted" pokemon.

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Taking my old typescript web gl garbage and turing it into rust web gl garbage for the sake of progress. How many times will I do this?

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GUIs are such an embarrassment.

All those years for this.

They played us absolute fools.

I need to tell my irl friends about all the nerdy shit I do. Well most of the nerdy shit I do

I wont argue with strangers on the internet. I wont argue with strangers on the internet. I wont argue with strangers on the internet.

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