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Imagine how beautiful we’ll be when we stop being our toughest critics. 💚

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#MeshJam2022 Day 1 is this Saturday at Iffy Books! We’re hosting talks and workshops about mesh networking all day, and we’re running a video stream for those who can’t make it in person.

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This Saturday at #MeshJam2022 we're running an all-day workshop called "Sew Your Own Transceiver Pouch." For $5 you can make a canvas pouch like this one, perfect for carrying a #LoRa device on your belt.

“FTC Explores Rules Cracking Down on Commercial Surveillance and Lax Data Security Practices”

GOOD. I remember someone calling personal data that has been unnecessarily scooped up Big Data’s toxic waste. We could use EPA-style enforcement of this stuff, IMHO.

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After a long hiatus, I have restarted work on my spellcasting themed #roguelike in #commonlisp

I had covid a few months ago, and the lasting symptoms dragged on for a good long while. Got winded walking up a good hill.

I just finished my fourth day in a row at the gym today, and I’m real thankful to have most of my aerobic capacity back.

I’m focusing on running right now until I get back to a good, healthy 30 minutes of solid aerobic exercise. Then back to hitting the weights.

Covid could’ve been much worse for me, but I am super grateful to be where I am right now. We are all impermanent, fragile beings, but this run in with my mortality took me by surprise.

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@ben there have been so many good ones, it’s so hard to name one. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen someone perform live because I saw them on Tiny Desk.

But— the assignment must be turned in. I’m going to have to go with Mac Miller’s:

It’s such a good set through and through. And hits much different posthumously, kinda like Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York.

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what's your favorite tiny desk concert

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request for zine submissions, short timeline, no time-wasters 

i'm compiling AI generated art for a full color zine, the instructions are below.

the prompt must be an unaltered song title, if the AI tool rejects your prompt because of banned words, etc then you can't change it you'll need to choose a different title. song title only, not artist name and song title, not song title (feat. whoever) just the title of the song. no album titles, no lyrics, only song titles.

send them to me via with the following information;

Song title:
Song artist (in the case of covers etc. use your discretion, if the cover was the song you had in mind send me the cover artist):
AI engine/tool used:
Name you'd like to be credited as:
One single URL where people can find you/your socials/your homepage:

submissions will be accepted no other way, submissions close 0:00 UTC August 15.

that's it.


#zine #generativeart #dalle #midjourney

All this talk about deleting Facebook had me schedule my account for deletion, too.

Had one way earlier, deleted it, made a new account to follow local events, but you know what? If I can’t find it otherwise, it wasn’t worth finding. Whoops, missed a concert or two? The benefits of not having a FB account vastly outweigh the costs.

So thanks, you lovely band of anti-FB misfits, for nudging me over that edge! 🥰

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The Bart & Homer climate meme going around is a bit doomy for our taste. Here's a better version!

Gonna hopefully be moving from my apartment to one of those small brick houses from the 60s or 70s soon with my partner. Rent’s going through the roof and I’d rather pay my own mortgage, thanks.

Anyway, I’m real excited to set up a garage room with hanging rugs for acoustic insulation for practicing music real loud AND I wanna set up a friggin’ tinkerer’s bench/desk for computery stuff. Soldering iron, breadboards, wire crimps, and a friggin’ monitor on a swiveling arm like a badass.

This is the stuff I’m daydreaming about. Oh, and maybe a postage stamp-sized lot that I can mow with a reel mower and grow a few easy crops in.

These are a few of my favorite thiiiiings…” 🎶

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Some #cyberdeck inspirations I really like the look of the super wide aspect ratio tiny screens and the 40% keyboard attached.
If I ever build a cyber deck I would make sure it has an #SDR a rotary encoder and a MIDI port

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It's friday!
Have a little paraglider (do you call it a deltaplane in english too?) flying low above a group of coyottes 🦊

from 2021, digital colour phase 😅

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big old ugly grey engineering software aesthetic

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It’s heeeereeeeeee!!! I shouldn’t be this excited about a $20 watch, but here we are 😅

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so nethack is pretty fun
can't believe that I haven't played it since like 5 years ago

Imagine how beautiful we’ll be when we stop being our toughest critics. 💚

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If you met someone who had no idea what a computer is, and they asked you what tasks you do with it. What would you say?

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