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Alright! There are a few more Tom Corbett, Space Cadet episodes up on my peertube account, and one of the Rocky Jones, Space ranger movies.

If you'd like to watch them, you can see them here:

#scifi #publicdomain #video #peertube

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Got my gopher server running. gopher://

Currently hosting my EdimCoder demo Asciinema "videos" on there. I have a few ideas of some other things I would like to use this server for.

Thanks to @tomasino and @ben for giving me the correct link to the main repo.

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In today's Voortrekker update, Kit tells her lovers more about colony life, and the causes for hope and fear she's found therein - and we learn that their planet, Ross 128 b, isn't Ross 128 b any more. Read here:

Voortrekker, a gay as hell serial solarpunk space opera, among friends at ( - we have lots of good waiting for you there, and more almost every day!

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Boy, adding dates to 50 pages was a lot of fun! But I've finally fixed the feeds on my site (, so that they now include everything that gets posted, with full NSFW/CW tagging support and a no-CWs feed if you prefer that.

(I'm curious whether anyone thinks it'd be useful to offer a global "skip content advice" option on that site!)

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Hey, folks, you may have noticed that I just put up a new profile pic. I love making designs for people, so if you want me to design one for you or something else, feel free to ask.

These are relatively easy, and while I will take a small money for them if you feel led, don't feel you can't ask if you can't pay. These come easy to me, like I said, and I'm in a semi-stable place financially. I can do posters as well.

Payments can either be through Paypal or a low-energy crypto like NANO or ADA. I'm pretty flexible, though, so chat with me through DMs if you wanna barter.


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Hi, people!

My hobby is #glossopoeia, the art of language invention.

I am currently promoting #Pandunia and #Lidepla ( #LingwaDePlaneta ) as the moral extension of the project started by #Esperanto.

If you would like to learn and/or contribute to Pandunia, please visit their website at and the subreddit at .

If you prefer Lidepla, you can visit or .

You can also post on for a #RedditAlternative .

#introduction #language #AuxiliaryLanguage #Reddit #BahasaIndonesia #Español #Français #Esperanto #日本語 #Polski #Português #русский #Suomi #中文

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I met someone in a grocery store with a name tag which read, 'jaki.'

It took every fiber of my being not to comment on it.


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Fent l'activitat de llengües planificades i artificials amb cinquè i darrer grup de 4t ESO.

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Linear B is a wonderful mycenean script (1450 v.Chr.), which had not only syllables, but also around 160 symbols, which can be written on computer thanks to UTF-8: e.g. 𐂀 man, 𐂁 woman, 𐂂 deer, 𐂃 horse, 𐂊 sow, 𐂋 boar, 𐂌 cow, 𐂎 wheat, 𐂐 olive, 𐂔 safflower, 𐂖 wine, 𐂙 honey.

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I just finished publishing a very, very basic version of my newest web extension. So far it's only available on Firefox, but it will get cross-browser treatment soon.

The UI component is where I'll be spending most of my focus in the coming weekends. In the meantime, maybe you can try it out and let me know what you think.

Source repo for the coders:

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Is there an #alternative to #Facebook for a closed group that wants to organize meetups, discuss topics and share blog articles now and then? It has to be easy and not self hosted. Any ideas? #FacebookAlternatives

This is a community for speakers of Lingwa de Planeta, which was created by a team of linguists leadered by Dmitri Ivanov. Lingwa de Planeta (LdP) aspires to be an international language, with words and grammar from around the whole world. Posts and links about or in LdP are accepted.

You can also post on for a .

Se es komunitaa fo shwoer de Lingwa de Planeta, kel gei kreati bay tim de lingwista lideri-ney bay Dmitri Ivanov. Lingwa de Planeta aspiri bi interjenmin-ney lingwa, kun worda e gramatika fon sirkum ol Arda.

Ĉi estas komunumo por parolantoj de Lingwa de Planeta, kiu estis kreita de teamo ĉefita per Dmitri Ivanov. Lingwa de Planeta volas esti internacian lingvon, kun vortoj kaj gramatiko ek la tuta mondo.

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@cognifice Put #nobot on you profile bio/description, and on the next restart/update it will most likely unfollow you. Most friendly robots avoid you in the first place if you are tagged with #nobot.

Check out my bio as an example.

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Shout out to my fellow #LeftTwitter crew! Great to be here. Do be sure to check out the #anticapitalism #anarchism and #SocialJustice tags to find other like minded people. Or if you're a #FOSS enthusiast there's a great #Linux community here too.

Here's a great little intro to the #history of #anarchist #organising on the #fediverse!

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The kinds of things which the Russian government is now doing to its internet I expect the UK to be doing within five years to ten years. That is, to try to lock everything down into a "national internet" with only approved systems running.
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"When was the last time you thought of the internet as a weird and wonderful place?"

Every day on the Fediverse. But that's not the point. When every other venue is closing down, how long will the Fediverse be left alone? Do we have to go Full Onion sooner rather than later?
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