I'm forced to miss our group's gaming session this afternoon due to an appointment - have to get it out of the way before Winnipeg is put on lockdown again.

Our GM had me roll a pre-session death check on my wounded, unconscious character and, uncharacteristically, I rolled a Critical Success. Which took us both by surprise.

I'll find out exactly what this entails tonight. Something tells me the stupid kid might pull through.

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I got a bunch of non fungible tokens, but now mushrooms are growing all over them! How could this happen??

You know, it's hard for me to look at these two books and not immediately start drafting a Crisis on Infinite Earths campaign... until I realize the sheer scale of such an undertaking, and the work involved.


Yahoo Answers to end as Trump fans see plot to β€œsilence conservatives”
"Should Trump buy Yahoo to prevent Answers from being shut down?" user asks.


... and off I go to work. 19 more years to go until retirement.

RT @city_xen
May I please get 2 followers to copy and re-post this tweet? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

116-123 (UK & Ireland)
1-800-273-8255 (US)

Just two. Any two. Copy, not retweet.

It's April 4th, the snow's barely gone, the ground is still frozen, and new grass hasn't started peeking through.

Yet three of my neighbours are out with their lawnmowers.

Suburbia. This is my life now.

I missed last night's gaming session due to family obligations. GM sent me the summary last night and, apparently, the other characters decided to seek whatever medical attention they can find for my (possiblt) dying character.

It's a fool's errand, but I'm touched all the same.

Well, crap. My seriously injured character critically failed her latest health check. My GM announced sadly that gangrene has developed. I don't need complex mathematics to tell me that her odds of survival, in the post-apocalyptic Mongolian desert, with gangrene and a punctured lung, are very slim.

Stupid kid.

Well, I've bricked my Visor Deluxe. I restored a backup from a Memory Stick (remember those?) and all was going swimmingly until I had to reset.

Only then did I remember that the backup was for my old Visor Prism.

Sigh. I gotta keep better notes.

Great Dungeon Fantasy RPG session with our gaming group this afternoon. We learned of the deaths of some NPC friends. Rosa, of the House of Bookchin, was kidnapped by cultists on the eve of her wedding to Sigfried of Luxembourg, and presumed sacrificed. Her brother, Murray the Agitator, later ambushed a pair of cultists and was killed by their bodyguard. Heartbroken knight Sigfried rode off alone towards the cult's underground temple.

Meanwhile, our party met to plan their delve into the temple complex. Our elderly (and very inebriated) sage, while trying to learn more about the strange gems my character found, inadvertently conjured the image of an Elder Thing. An image which seemed to stare back. Hilarity ensues.

At the end of our session, my character opted to render herself... unsuitable... for sacrifice before their mission to the temple, with the enthusiastic assistance of our party's handsome swashbuckler.

Man, we had fun today.

After speaking with our gaming group's GM at lunch today, I found myself defending the guy they booted yesterday.

GM told me that the guy loudly proclaimed they should kill off or abandon my injured, unconscious character (while I was absent).

Being that we're playing in a post-apocalyptic campaign, I defended his sentiment. We're in a hostile environment, and continued survival is challenging enough for the able-bodied. It's only natural to want to get rid of people who are liabilities or hindrances for the benefit of the group. This could have been a great opportunity for roleplaying!

We could have played a followup session, maybe just myself and the GM, where my character regains consciousness, only to find she's been abandoned, robbed of her gear, and left for dead.

They could then take an Enemy disadvantage because, sure as shit, I'd hunt them down.

One of the new guys in our gaming group just got booted for being disruptive. Kinda wish I'd been there to see it, he wasn't a good fit for our group. Always criticizing or complaining...

Yay! My insistance upon roleplaying my GURPS characters' disadvantages with the same fervour as their advantages has resulted in my character being out of action for the foreseeable future.

I'd given her the Curious, Impulsive, and Overconfidence disadvantages when I built her. Today, her and her party found a weapons cache in an abandoned military camp in the Gobi. She critically failed a couple of rolls against WILL, and fired a (proven to be faulty) rotary grenade launcher (which she lacks the required skill to use) at a nearby rock formation. A second critical fail had the weapon slam into her ribs, knocking her backwards and puncturing a lung.

Stupid kid.

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