Really looking forward to going to the bookstore today - haven't been there since March!

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: Hello everyone!
I love . There are other things I love too, but I know anywhere I could possibly end up, I'll probably have a Thinkpad next to me. So computers are here to stay in my life (and possibly ruin it)

I'm also very much into but I post the stuff on another account. Maybe I'll post a few here later as well. (I'm building an account for a hypothetical character)

As for computers, I have this little list:
not to forget and Web 1.0.

Other topics to expect:
(if I find a cool thing, I'll share it and maybe summarize them on )

(not my mother tongue, needs work)

(obssessed with productivity)


I never had a good powerful computer in my life but retrogaming doesn't seem half bad so

This is an incomplete list, but I hope you have a rough idea. Thanks!

I have to figure out networking.....

UNIX... on Amiga... As it was meant to be

Suppose there's always Flex, Gem, or OS-9000 as well...

Hey folks, I have a 25 MHz 386 PC lying around and I'm debating whether to keep it or get rid of it. If I keep it, I'd like to do something interesting with the thing rather than have a DOS gaming machine.

Is there a version of that'll run on it?

RT @gamesyouloved
RT if you ever owned/own an AMIGA

also you might wanna check out

Retro Tea Breaks 1. - A book to preserve video game history.

by the legendary @TheRetroManCave

Found this really neat terminal dashboard visualizer thing. It has different graphs and charts and stuff that you can configure to show different things. Its as simple as specifying a few parameters and giving it a shell command in the yaml config file. This is just the kind of terminal dashboard I've been looking for.

... and my seven year old daughter has entered the "Gross-out Humour" stage of childhood. It's been all about farts and boogers all morning, according to my wife...

Personal computers really hit the mainstream like what, 30 years ago? It both amazes and depresses me that most people I deal with have NO idea how to do basic tasks, like file management or finding the "check for updates" menu item in an app.

Broken Smartphones: Laptops in Disguise

Modern smartphones are a dizzying treatise on planned obsolescence. Whether it’s batteries that can’t be removed without four hours and an array of tiny specialized tools, screens that shatter with the lightest sh…

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Y'all remember the Panama Papers? And how nothing happened? But now we're supposed to believe that $600/week is too much for the rest of us??

haha yeah

Playing Words with Friends with my wife, and I suddenly have an urge to listen to Join the Army.

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