Today is the 10000th day of Eternal September. I wrote something about social media and stuff, inspired by this and the recent events. viznut.fi/texts-en/10000-en.ht

*Thoughts on the 10000th of September | viznut*
viznut.fi venera.social/display/85a863ed

My wife just mentioned she played with Go-Bots as a kid. I married the right woman. Not that there was any doubt, mind you.

Well, I beat Zillion II: Triformation yesterday, for the second time since the 80s. I don't remember if I'd ever beat the first game. Might have to give it a go.


Oh well, how sad, never mind.

Thoughts and prayers to the survivors.

Now is definitely not the time to have a conversation about bankruptcy reform.

Bankruptcy doesn't kill organizations, lack of money does.

The only way to stop a bad creditor with an invoice is a good creditor with an invoice.


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Them: CJ, why the hell do you own thirty old laptops?
Me: Why doesn't everybody?
Them: Not everybody is nuts.
Me: And whose fault is that?

Don't ask me stupid questions.

My major project has been deemed unacceptable by the boss. The boss who'd approved everything along the way. Loving life right now.

:flan_dalf: Do you believe in maaagic? Received a Deluxe RS-232 Cart for my Coco 3 today. Can't wait to get the Coco connected.

#idlethought urban/community planners really really need to take more notice of desire lines.

So many municipal paths are undermined by "short cuts" and alternative paths because the people who designed them.. made them not connect the places where people want to go. In which case, what's the point?

when calling the TrackPointβ„’-style pointer by its most formal name, you might come to the realization that… really, why is it called a TrackPoint?

…and why is the TrackPoint on a ThinkPad called the TrackPoint II, III, or IV?

…because there was an original TrackPoint, the mouse IBM sold for the L40 SX, you see. (pic #1)

but it’s not just a mouse. it’s also a trackball. (pic #2) trackball, pointer. track, point. TrackPoint.

and then they reused the trademark on something completely unrelated.

now you know!


uspol, boomers 

saw a simple six word phrase on twitter that should help you triage your relationship with boomers in your life:

"watergate didn't have a body count."

if your right-leaning boomer relatives listen to you intone that phrase and persist on defending the actions and rhetoric of the right-wing then I don't think they'll be reachable by much else either.

Speaking of my Amiga, I'm suddenly feeling nostalgic for AmiComSys, an Amiga-specific instant messenger. Used it a bit in the late 90s/early 2000s.

In other news, my Amiga 4000D is officially stone dead. It'll be going to my cohort Slam, the electronics guru, for diagnosis and repair at some point this spring.

My wife and I have been talking about moving out of the city once our daughter is finished elementary school (bringing her with us, of course). As I work in the city, this would necessitate buying a second car, so my wife asked what kind of car I'd want.

As much as I'd love an Amphicar or VW Schwimmwagen, I suppose I should aim for something practical...

Playing Cyborg Hunter. I really need to buy a SCART cable for my ol' Master System.

Ijust finished uploading all of @pla β€˜s photos to this pool so they won’t be lost with his instance. I also grabbed all of his blog posts and attached photos if anyone wants them (will have to send them directly). Photos from his Google profile that aren’t directly linked in any of his blog posts aren’t included.

@Ahuka @FediFollows @GoatsLive @Luke @Moon @andyc @bicycling @bikejourno @clacke @elmussol @encarsia @fitheach @herag @hollma @icedquinn @kambing @lnxw37b3 @mastobikes @normandy @pony @radis_noir @randynose @schattenspringer @stux @t54r4n1 @thor @xosem @zudn @awlt

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*Century Rider*

His daily commute,
A regular route,
Astride his bike,
A ride to like.

Then weekends came
With more of the same
Riding a "century",
An adventurer, he.

It came to an end
On a road with no bend
His joy is now hushed,
By a car he was crushed.

But where is the moral,
The memorial laurel?
At bad drivers, I'm pissed.
PLA, you will be missed!


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