I'm convinced the worst enemy of the Canadian medical systems is being so close to the US. You can't criticize health care without someone saying "yeah but look at the States". Yes, of course, we're much better than the US, but that's setting the bar mighty low.

Inspired by a crow pooping in Kiddo's eye. Everything looks fine (no redness), but we want to get it checked out. And then me explaining to my Korean wife "We can't go to an eye doctor without a referral. And we can't go to the ER because she's not dying. And it's too late in the day, so clinics aren't accepting anyone else. We'll have to make an appointment for tomorrow morning" and her telling me repeatedly "I hate Canada", "Canadian medical system is so bad". And she's right (compared to Korea).


@ethicsperoxide Depending where you are in Canada, ER wait times can be insane. I once waited 7 hours before seeing an ER doctor when I had pneumonia. My wife once waited 13 hours with kidney pain.

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