Aware of anyone violating EU sanctions on Russia or Belarus?

We have created an online tool for whistleblowers to contact us and report violations of EU sanctions.

Make a report 👉

After soaking in mastodon for a while, I felt confident enough to educate "we are museums" about environmental problems with their web3 project. Got a pushback that they actually use Tezos, a working PoS blockchain which declares very low carbon footprint.
Does this mean that the biggest problem with Web3, namely environmental impact, is not necessarily that bad? @aral @tante, would you agree?

Anyone else play the #Pandemic board game?

It's kind of sweet. It tells the story of how the world as a whole comes together to eradicate a virus.

/checks news headlines, shakes head.

“.01% of bitcoin holders hold 27% of all bitcoin! That’s 100x the wealth concentration of the regular economy.”

Next time someone tells you cryptocurrencies and blockchain are about decentralisation, laugh in their faces. Loudly. While pointing at them.

#cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralisation #web3 #rightLibertarian #bullshit

The problem with #Chomsky is that he seems to have lost the touch with reality and facts. That might be ok for an average Joe out there, but is quite a disgrace for a renowned scholar, really. Well, sic transit gloria mundi.

#standwithukraine #cancelrussia #armukrainenow

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Russian SIMs roaming in Ukraine. Gives you a good idea of the concentration of their forces.

@air_pump is a super nice project. I have an account, but consciously do not get invested, cautious of a paywall lock-in. Are you somehow involved?

Oh wow, the European Union 🇪🇺 now has its own official Mastodon instance!

You can follow lots of important EU officials on here including the @EU_Commission

#EU #EuropeanUnion

The lesson from buying could be about sustainability and security of our social networks.

Anyone with enough cash can take control. Usurpers can be much worse than musk. They can be much less visible (e.g. flocks of obscure offshores), and may have terrible goals.

As long as these networks are private, proprietary and centralised, it is possible.

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When a picture says more than words. The Gazprom tower in St Petersburg yesterday, by Dmitry Lovetsky

Wanted to try out official android app, and could not find how to log in!
So embarassing..

Tiktok is the only international social media giant left in RU. Norwegian journalists set up investigation to see content differences across UA/RU border. As expected, Tiktok joined the brainwashing campaign.

🇬🇧 EU Commission defends its intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol 2). Proposal to be presented on 30 March. Read to protest!


I think I'm starting to understand why using term "special operation" instead of war is so essential for kremlin.
By Russian law, names of killed participants of special operations are a state secret. As opposed to war, where deaths of soldiers have to be reported, bodies decently buried, families informed an compensated.
This way kremlin thinks it can afford countless casualties. This is why mobile krematoriums are needed. This is why bodies are left in the fields and ordinary soldiers are forbidden to approach them. This is why russian media is prosecuted for using the term "war" instead of "special operation". They probably also hope that it will somehow block legaly classifying their actions as war crimes. I will not.

I'm not an expert and I have assembled this understanding from numerous fragmented non-English sources, so please doublecheck and correct. Also, share expert content if you know any.

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Has anyone told Putin that his army has been massacred for 6 days by the 2006 winner of 'Dancing with the Stars'? 🕺💃✨❤
As @ZelenskyyUa has proven to be such a brave 🇺🇦leader, his epic dancing triumph is blowing people around the world away

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