No place is safe. Places can't be safe. Planets, counties, states, cities, towns, even your own yard.

People can be safe. Communities can be safe.

Because we keep each other safe.

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Time to remember Estonian ingenious “pavilion” at the Venice Architecture biennale of 2008 — a gas pipe connecting Russian and German pavilions. Just incredible that both countries and organisers accepted it. Nord Sream was always a disgrace.

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for those keeping track at home, 12 “threw himself from window/shot himself 7 times in the head” russian oligarch deaths this year so far

War in Ukraine 

Just sharing a resource of very detailed overview of the frontline. Presented anonymously, but seems to be very accurate after two weeks.

Discussion about futures of

Tomas Grunskis, Indrė Umbrasaitė
In context of Mindaugas Reklaitis work "Morph"
Gallery Apiece,

🟢 European Chips Act

Without chips, there’s no digital transition, no green transition.

Our objectives are high: doubling our global market share by 2030 to 20%, and producing the most sophisticated and energy-efficient semiconductors in Europe.

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I wonder what maneuvers are European politicians performing to prevent FB blackout. It would be a disaster for lots of them.
Depending on a monopolist has deep reaching consequences.


A Grandma’s Dying Wish Was a Giant Dick on Her Grave

The grave of 99-year-old Catarina Orduña Pérez is now topped with a huge penis and testicles weighing nearly 600 pounds.

Hi guys,
I think strategically it is safer to run your own. Main concern to delegate is that peertube (and the whole fediverse) is fiercely anticommercial. It is nice, but also means that resources are usually based on enthusiasm, therefore limited and unreliable. If mastodon has some scheme of account migration to another server, peertube apparently does not. You can get in trouble if the owner discontinues the service. And videos require way more resources than text/img. So I'd keep videos on my own machine or some paid/well funded server if you can find any.

I myself am a happy user of Yunohost. Using oldish pc for <100€, attached to home network. After installing Yunohost, getting peertube ready is a matter of several mouseclicks and a few minutes. Very comfy for non programmer. And seems to be reliable. I even had to restore auto-backups after failed updates (other apps, not peertube), a few times already, with instant success.
I do not even have static IP at home, but it actually never changed in 14 years (hail Lithuanian telecom).

I'd say the biggest home hosting annoyance is the router: most consumer grade routers have no hairpin loopback capability, meaning that when you are accessing your server from inside home network, your domain name does not work and you must use local ip address. So if you choose this path, you might need a new router (or just put the server like in parent's house basement).

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Our new polling @Survation 📢

💧69% want publicly owned water
🚌65% want publicly owned buses
🚄67% want publicly owned rail
🏥78% want a publicly owned NHS
💡66% want publicly owned energy
📮68% want a publicly owned Royal Mail

Šiauliai skelbia viešą konkursą Laisvęs paminklui. Tarp 20 ir 25m aukščio. Skulptorių komandoje gali ir nebūti.

Apparently in many parts of the UK, homes that face each other at the rear are required to be built 21 metres apart, and you'll never guess the reason why this rule exists.


Review of "Fully Automated Luxury Communism" (4 stars): On global politics and economics of urgency, with hope

When fuel supply goes low, prices go high. Also political price of bootlicking dictators.
The timeline of fossil fuel depletion roughly corresponds to global warming deadlines, with some lag.
It is nothing but wise to swallow the bitter pill now and get healthy in a few decades. Especially for Germany, who wishes(?) to be on technological vanguard of developed world.

FOSS, Russia and military ambitions (ONLYOFFICE) 

Beware: ONLYOFFICE is developed by a Russian company trying to hide its Russian origin via an EU proxy [1] (sorry, no good English source yet, use translation if needed).

Grotesque fact: the version of ONLYOFFICE they market in Russia is branded as R7-Office, a conscious reference to the R7 intercontinental rocket, as seen in some of their Russian PR materials [2].



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This is still my favorite from @SMBCComics and one of the best simple evolution education things ever.

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