home automation / privacy questions 

Can wifi home automation gadgets [for example smart socket] still send data to manufacturer if they are used via home assistant? And if yes, how do you deal with such problems [other than avoiding home automation gadgets]? Firewalls?

What new feature you want in Mastodon?

Please share your opinions.

Sharing is very appreciated.

The capitalist incentive is not to make things as good as possible but as good as necessary, i.e. as bad as possible.

This should be clear from looking at the products of the biggest, list successful companies.

Interesting #surveillance project by #DriesDepoorter using computer vision to tag politicians distracted by their mobile phones during parliament sessions.


"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Science says no. The experience of sound is an interpretation of air pressure variations detected by sensory organs and created by the brain. Consciousness parses data then generates noise and harmony. Sound is one framework among others for understanding the universe.

In the East, it is said you have to be better attuned to yourself in order to better enjoy the music.

Also, good morning.

For those who are curious what amateur feels like, dropped my phone into beekeeper's 'helmet':

First time in charge of honey extraction. Unexpected 43kg from a single apiary. Tomorrow comes another one.

Puiki, puiki laida!

Homo cultus. Iš balkono: Homo cultus. Iš balkono. Dainius Liškevičius ir Tomas Vaiseta apie trispalvę mene ir atminties politiką spreaker.com/user/lrt.lt/2021-

A predator with his victim landed on my hand. Workation vibes.

@neauoire "Do you wear 17th century clothes? No? Then why does your garden look like it?"

If it's not accessible barefoot, it's not accessible

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