I wonder if trump will commision a social network from scratch, buy some already available commercial product (or its fork), or choose one of free fediverse options.

In latter case it would become a strange mix of publicity, maybe even awareness on digital li erties, and definitely loads of bad connotations for fediverse. Would fit our times.

@dudenas I've wondered the same thing but you know if Trump ever did buy a commercial product from scratch etc I think Trump would only allow who he wants on the site, be a political social network who knows or it would be like you said a strange mix of publicity but for him so no one can catch him. So I kind of think in away he wouldn't let normal people on it or might have it as a pay thing you have to use more of the social network.

@dudenas So whatever kind of social network Trump was to come up with I think for our times it might work you never really if anyone would actually use it or if he'll try to make a copy of another site but again it might work for us when he does this.

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