A case for in fediverse.

I want to see fediverse flourish financially and grow faster.

I'm often more interested in relevant ads than somebody's kittens.

Ads are not inherently anti privacy: let's say, keyword triggers instead of tracking, or sth smarter.

I would opt in.

I agree that people often conflate privacy issues with ads in general - which definitely shouldn't be the case.

If there was a control mechanism for user as to (1) where to place the optional ads widget within the UI canvas and (2) how to tweak it according to my personal interests, and all that provided (3) no trackers or otherwise spying is conducted regarding my personal profile - I would have no issues opting in.

@vazub exactly, and It is possible create such mechanisms.

Ads in this bubble might be even more i interesting and relevant.

Of course, we can support server admins and/or development via funding platforms, but few of us can afford supporting every project we like.

Unfunded initiatives get abandoned, because creative folk always find new exciting things to work on for free.

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