Desktop Linux folks: “I don’t understand why anyone uses Apple’s products.”

And that, dear reader, is why it’s not the year of Linux on desktop.

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@aral For example, I miss sustainability of my labour which I put into configuring os: from software selection to accounts sync. I hate repeating that drudge each time I install linux. It could quite simply persist across machines and distributions.
For now it seems that this labour is understood as pure joy that devs cant think of giving up.

@dudenas @aral Why are you installing Linux over and over again? I only copy the files to a bigger SSD and that's it. If the SSD has the same size then I don't even bother just put in my old one and keep working on the new computer.

@jeena fair question. I cannot use linux as a daily driver because of my occupation, but I get my hands on different machines for limited time almost every year. Usually linux is most practical way to put them to work. And probably just out of curiosity I tend to try different distros.
So yeah, probably it isnt a typical case.

@dudenas A tip for you would be that all configuration is stored in dot-files in your home directory and this is true across all distributions and front ends. If you find a way of synchronizing them between your computers it should solve most of your problems. I'm only doing it with some specific ones which are particularly difficult to set up like my Emacs installation:

@jeena I'm thinking about something bolder. A system that during imstall could check an online account or offline config file, pull in all the software listed and configure it, including desktop environment. So user would feel rigt at home and ready to work immediately.


@jeena Does not sound like critique :] I never used macos, but they probably do some of that too. Good tech does not have to be wrapped in average UX.
User friendliness is what @aral is speaking of, and I agree that it is the primary obstacle for linux to go mainstream. As if linux desktop is only meant for geekish demographics who love to spend time in configs.

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