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"And an idiot using Linux actually benefits Linux as a whole, since if we want our market share to grow, we have to assume the user is an absolute and utter idiot. Since most are."

i hate this idea so much. stop treating users like clueless little toddlers. fuck off.

reddit, yikesy word 

operating systems should be designed around what an average person would consider logical. not a software engineer, not a toddler.

yes, windows is designed around treating the user like a toddler. this is why formatting a usb stick took me ~40 minutes to figure out. if windows teaches users bad habits like "don't read errors or warnings", it doesn't mean that every other OS should be bending backwards because of those habits


re: reddit, yikesy word 

Last time I dealt with linux, I wanted choose the most stable and conservative os for a webserver available. So I thought: debian11 it is. And then I realised they want me to put effort to relearn rebooting. Insane geeks, why would they do this to peaceful users?

I still think that linux devs too often forget the concept of non-geek user.. And it is natural: many of them do this work for themselves.

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