Is still operational? My latest toots were not pushed to twitter.

// moa is super useful mastadon-twitter bridge, allowing me to reach people on twitter by posting only on mastodon.


@dudenas @bmann @vera hi, Justinas! it should be, but thank you for your question -- checking asap :)

@dudenas @bmann @vera I can't reproduce with my account, it might be something about your particular account -- have you tried signing in on again?

(Regardless taking a look at your bridge state now.)

@dudenas @bmann @vera OK, took a look -- for some reason your bridge has lost its mastodon_access_code -- so you likely need to reauth. Unfortunately moa fails silently for these cases! Might be worth tracking in a bug.

Could you please try logging in again and let me know if it helps?

@flancian @bmann @vera

Reauthorized. Tested a toot and a retweet ~15minutes ago, no crossposting.
(moa retweets opped-in,

@dudenas @bmann @vera the mastodon access code was now there, but the bridge was disabled for some reason. I re-enabled it by hand, could you please try again?

@dudenas @bmann @vera my pleasure! We haven't gotten to the root of the problem but I'm happy we're back on track :)

Thank you for using [[moa]]!

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