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Kad jau Citybee davė papildomo džiaugsmo generuojant slaptažodžius, pradėjau juos kaupti čia:

Faktiškai šventinis atradimas: prieš metus kurta lengva bet turininga podkastų serija apie politines ideologijas. Tautinės dienos proga labai tinka.

Ir su juo atkeliavęs antras atradimas - autorė Kristina Tamelytė. Laidose ji protingai ir skaidriai narstė tas greitai pelijančias temas, tad iškart radau, jog pvz. dar rašo kassavaitines kino rekomendacijas, kuriuose dominuoja MUBI repertuaras. Tiesiog smagu.

Pitsburgo ir Kauno panašumai pagal T.Venclovą, 1991. Rasta naujausiam litmeny

Ridikaitės kūriniai mažuose studijos kambarėliuose atrodo įspūdingai

There is no shortage of takes about what's going on with Gamestop (and other surging stocks), Robinhood and Reddit's r/wallstreetbets, many of them contradictory - at least on the face of them. But I think it's possible for most of these takes to be right. Here's how.

First you need to understand the underlying mechanics of the story. Stock markets are fundamentally a way of making bets, including bets on the outcome of other peoples' bets, and bets on the outcomes of *those* bets.


Rant on state of #email 

I think most people have at least tens of GB of email history to deal with. How come email software is so immature, as if nobody uses it? Everybody, who cannot run own server, pays google, or what?

On the only usable open source app Thunderbird is barely usable: it randomly slows down my decent pc, you need a weird set of plugins for basic cal/card sync, the search functions are overdesigned and ultimately inconvenient (also you never know if all your mails on servers were searched or not). So I decided to switch.

I came to conclusion that I actually need something just working, probably Outlook. I installed a trial, and could not manage to move lots of email around, neither manually nor with its rudimentary rules "wizard" workflow. Ultimately I cannot uninstall it now.. Such a mess.

Now I'm trying out eMclient. Never thought I would end that route, but I guess I'll buy it after the trial. It seems to do all basic things out of the box, and the UI is pretty good. Consider this image a free ad.

A sad conclusion for open source advocate. Sometimes I cannot wrap my head around evolutionary principles..

ant-kremlin protests 

Protests in Russia against Putin, live in english:

France is starting to mark consumer electronics with repairability index.

A wise and responsible move! It should bring benefits both for environment and local (tech) economy.

As I understand, EU legislation is ready and other countries are expected to (voluntarily?) follow suite.

Thanks @3rik for bringing this up.

Hi all, this is a boring hi message I heard etiquette asks to publish.
I'm an architect, specialized in exhibition design, also graduated in semiotics, also euc rider, also homebrewer and some other labels. Moved here from for uncanny reasons, stated here: .
I'll be posting also in Lithuanian, so make sure to tune your language filters.

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