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Is still operational? My latest toots were not pushed to twitter.

// moa is super useful mastadon-twitter bridge, allowing me to reach people on twitter by posting only on mastodon.


#russia makes mobile krematoriums 

No russian casualties, they say..

Once again I wonder, what is russian definition for their beloved word "nazi".

RT @wikileaks
Why not @Signal, @telegram @torproject or another encrypted app instead?

Because those won't work if there is no Internet. @BriarApp is encrypted, open source software that works even when the Internet is shut down. #Ukraine

Please, sign the petition to disconnect Russia from SWIFT! Your effort is needed now, every hour without powerful sanctions fuels Putin‘s war machine and costs lives of Ukrainian citizens.

To all my foreign friends:
🇺🇦The National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account to raise funds for the Ukrainian Army. Anyone from any country can donate!
🇺🇲 For donations in USD:
Account: 400807238
383 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10179, USA
Bank account: UA843000010000000047330992708

You don't need to use your real name on the Fediverse. Call yourself whatever you want, and the rest of us will be happy with that.

Interestingly, a very long time ago YouTube used to carry a warning specifically telling people not to use their real name online, as it could allow unwanted intrusions into people's privacy.

Then, strangely, the warning disappeared after Google purchased YouTube... 🤔


a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)

Okay there's something really cool I've just learned. If you are continuously recording air pressure e.g. as part of your home automation setup or a weather station then you should really check the data of the last 24h.
You should be able to spot the pressure wave from the volcanic explosion in Tonga earlier today.

It reached my setup in Kaiserslautern at about 20:30.

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