if linux gets EEEaten, its GNU's fault for fostering a fragile ecosystem

making functionally identical alternatives to GPLware without reading the source code is a satisfying endeavor

my lesbianism and my coolness are both correlated and causal

"vacation wasteland Z" is such a good song

if your statements are not the social equivalent of tossing a live grenade into a room, then you need to re-evaluate your technique.

lol imagine having a positive relationship with your family
amirite girls

im ideologically opposed to annoying people

me, with the heavy hitters: marx isn't real

a very angry, difficult to like person

drafting up a "DEs considered harmful" essay that i'll write soon, if you have any input i'd love to hear it

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GNOME and its consequences have been a disaster for the UNIX ecosystem

engineers shouldn't have given lightbulbs the burden of consciousness

so discord doesn't work on firefox--openbsd but it does on chrome--openbsd.... :(

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<ensa> there are three categories of programming language: C, C but worse, and would be better if it was more like C

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