There is no mint ice cream in this shop D8

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Kristallnacht anniversary 

Berliner's are honouring the victims and survivors of Nazi persecution on the 80th anniversary of "The Night Of Broken Glass", a major event at the beginning of The Holocaust.

This display is around the corner from my work in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

A candle sits next to 3 Stolperstein, which mark the house where 3 Jewish people lived before being taken to the Concentration Camps. Names, Date of Birth, the date and the name of the camp they were murdered in.

Despite everything I went out today. Chilling with my bro. Had a beer, then went to get some fries. Thinking of going to the city center and getting another beer.

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I found a guy on tumblr who exclusively draws art of marx and engles as anime boyfriends

First coffee of the day, taking it on a train

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TIL that Pleroma supports Gopher:

Anyone know a good Pleroma instance with that feature enabled?

What kind of a moron am I to forget to buy coffee before Sunday morning. Now I have to wait till lunchtime for the shops to open.

Tooting from my fone right now. Its easier than connecting to the ircs.

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masto instance for the tildeverse