just found out letsencrypt can do wildcard certs... since march 2018. can't catch all the news as it happens I guess. for some reason I thought they were still working on it.

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Punk Rock

The whole think that makes "punk rock" "punk rock" so to speak is the narrative. The story the scene.

The notion of why somethings aren't done anymore, and the few rules that exist, are, because of these stories which are often personal failure.

This is because the subculture allows for personal growth. You are not just allowed, but encouraged to learn from your own life experience and that of others.

So when you see hipsters, who just see the outrageous incidents and just want to do something wild, without consequences, you have to understand being a punk rocker past the age of 20 is about living with consequences, and dealing with the harsh cruel realities of life.

Consumerism is devoid of any personal growth. It just wants to sell you the high and good feeling of when you made the mistakes.


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Finally got around to copying over marquee.sh from my laptop to my hackvr-server so I can put a spinning marquee of the now-playing song into the radio control room. :)

worked today. no idea what the previous problem was caused by.

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disabled nouveau to see if that's what was fucking my X11 up. seems likely. 640x480 on this monitor is hell though.

my desktop started crashing from a driver update. I've not started X11 for the past few days and it hasn't crashed yet even with a bunch of use. most of the time I'm just using text-mode anyway. I'd like to have a screenlocker for it though. cbf to look for one atm.

echo "none /var/log tmpfs defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab

dnswl seems to not like the rDNS for my IPv6 range.

what is a good funny replacement for "master" as a branch name?

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w3.org/People/Berners-Lee/Worl was searching for the origin of the names of the "back" and "forward" button (since they seem like they're not really named in a consistent way. one ends with "ward" and the other doesn't. maybe back and fore? to and fro? backwards, forwards? backward, forward?) Looks like there was, back, previous, and next.

If a place and name was chosen for a .plan file today, where and what would it be?

> having to press tab a handful of times from the toot box to get the home scroll-box selected to scroll in the sane way and not scroll whole-toots at a time and NOT press it one time too much to cause the box to scroll all the way to the top again

Are there mailing list software that can require periodic re-opt-in so if subscribers just ignore the emails eventually they stop showing up?

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