thing I made 

but didn't bother to post a screenshot of at the time (I think)

re: emojis 

now if I could get emojis working seamlessly in urxvt.. that'd be swell.

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used some information from here to help get emojis in dmenu working. now I have an emoji picker that I don't hate. :)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day (in the USA) 

re: I'm an adult 

(about 5 meters for you metric nerds)

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re: I'm an adult 

I wasn't just memeing.
I have 15ft of paperclips.

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I'm an adult 

I'm going to use all the paperclips to make a chain without anyone to tell me to cut it out.

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when you get done closing a bunch of tabs, making sure you bookmark the important ones. then get to one tab left and it is a "restore session" that contains another 50 tabs.

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fmrl is a protocol for status messages. Come join us on IRC if you'd like to develop software for it or suggest things!

re: naming scheme 


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naming scheme 

name programs after generic words, but in pig latin.


doesn't work very well for acronyms though... maybe rot13 for names :P

re: found this: 

I think I might have to hack ANSI colors into it so I can keep muh l33t h4x0r A E S T H E T I C.

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found this:

going to use it as drop-in replacement for dmenu when the script I'm running notices it can't get to a GUI.

dog food 

I'm writing scripts that are pretty much client-side CGI for myself to use for handling responses from web servers.

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The recitation of facts is increasingly viewed as political, and even offensive. That is a grim omen.

a phrase I was thinking 

disarming a state

I guess like, when the police and military won't follow orders.

who mows around billboards? 

and will they win in a fight against wild morning glories? (that I may have seeded >_>)

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