I like the sound of a balanced load of laundry going into spin cycle way too much.

IRC links launched from my desktop now get pushed into a new instance of irssi in a new window in the screen session I have on my raspi that holds all my IRC.

more documentation of the library than the cool-sounding network protocol the library is implementing


Found a single board computer buried in the weeds in my yard. Doesn't seem to have too much water damage. Will clean it up and see if it works in a little bit.


greets to all my fediversians whomst dig weird alternets - hit me up and let's peer and stuff

I dig weird alternets. Hitting up for peering and stuff.

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Mastodon, is, in fact, the Fediverse 

stolen from @howl

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Mastodon, is, in fact, the Fediverse, or as I've recently taken to calling it, the ActivityPub Fediverse. Mastodon is not a social network unto itself, but rather another free server implementation of a fully functioning social networking protocol, working alongside many others creating a fully-fledged social networking network.

Many users on the Fediverse are communicating either with ActivityPub or OStatus every day, without realizing it.Through a peculiar turn of events, many users are attributing the merits of the idea of 'decentralized social network' to Mastodon, not aware that it is basically the same as all previous federated social networks with a nice frontend slapped on top of it.

There really is a Mastodon, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the Fediverse they take part in. Mastodon is an implementation: a software that implements the standards as stated in the various specifications. Implementations are the most vital part of a protocol, but useless by themselves alone; they can only function if they are interoperable with other implementations of the specification, thus creating an interconnected network. Mastodon is normally used to access the Fediverse: the whole system is basically an ever-expanding universe of federated social networks software, hence Fediverse. All the so-called "Mastodon" instances are really just instances in the Fediverse.

Many users do not understand the difference between the implementation, which is Mastodon, and the whole system, which they also call "Mastodon". The ambiguous use of the name doesn't help people understand. These users often think that Eugen Rochko developed the whole system in 2016, with a bit of help.

Programmers generally know that Mastodon is just an implementation. But since they have heard the whole system called "Mastodon" as well, they often envisage a history that would justify naming the whole Fediverse after the implementation. For example, many believe that once Eugen Rochko finished writing Mastodon, the implementation, its users started to create more federated social networking software that was interoperable with it, and thus the protocol was alive and well.

Which is actually not entirely incorrect - the ActivityPub specification was already complete, but was struggling to find projects which could adopt it. However, it's important to remember that Mastodon previously worked through the OStatus set of protocols, which had been developed throughout the years and implemented by many different projects, including, but not limited to, GNU/Social, Diaspora, postActiv, Pleroma. Only in 2016 did Mastodon become a part of this network, whose creation is definitely not due to Eugen Rochko.

I added "relativeexport" to hackvr so hackvr will output a shape group's position relative to another shape group so I can I get a "radio" object's distance from the user then pass those x,y,z into a pipeline that will set the pan and volume of an audio stream for that radio. using like, 10 different itty bitty programs all doing their own thing. so now I just need to scale it up a bit and put multiple internet radio streams into a single virtual room and I can walk to each radio to hear what's playing :) I made a video but it is above whatever tilde.zone's upload limit is.

a webpage
that contains terminal escape sequences
so that when you wget or curl it to your terminal, it hides all of the html, but still shows all of the content. even just $'\r's in the middle of lines to backspace over the tags that come before it, then overwriting with the content.

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I'm calling to confirm that your order of red orchids has been delivered.

:/ haven't figured out what was causing the problem, but eventually gave up using CNAMEs so I could get a valid cert. I /should/ be able to have a CAA for thebackupbox.net and have cert renewal work for www while also having www be a CNAME to batou that actually contains the A and AAAA record, but that didn't seem to want to work. So www now has an A, AAAA, and CAA record and acme_tiny was finally able to finish without erroring about SERVFAIL or something.

If I say something clever enough either here or on IRC I crosspost it.

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Is there something better than #TLS to secure a raw socket in a daemon?

Feels like there should be, but nothing comes to mind…

Added a QR code option to the dmenu script I have for doing stuff with URLs. Only use will probably be to copy links to .cia files so I can download them with FBI on a 3ds.

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In solidarity with unionizing Amazon employees:

* Make no purchases
* Don't watch Prime TV
* Show your support

Virtual boycott from 3/7 to 3/13

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My friend's shop is hiring Sr. Software Engineers (and other positions).


Please boost. I'm tired of hearing him complain about no available talent.

I wonder what a VHS movie would look and sound like if I took it apart and swapped the reels before playing it.

one person's bloat is another person's thicc

people aren't going to stop making URLs that won't last, so should there be a standard way of marking a URL as ephemeral?

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📣 Starting this month, we're running a campaign to increase the number of Snowflake proxies run by volunteers. Snowflake is a new way to defeat internet censorship bundled in Tor Browser Alpha. You can help users in censored countries to connect to Tor by running a Snowflake proxy!

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