ssh acting weird 

I can set an env var and see it is set with:

ssh -o 'SetEnv FIRST=value' host env | grep FIRST

but for some reason, trying to set a second env var doesn't work

ssh -o 'SetEnv FIRST=value' -o 'SetEnv SECOND=value' host env | egrep 'FIRST|SECOND'

low effort dopamine hits... right? 

an image I found and added to my desktop background shuffle

re: bleedy software 

and then run ldconfig after the new library is installed

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re: bleedy software 

building a new libXcursor fixed it.

you'll need to have the xutils-dev package installed for it to build.

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bleedy software 

upgraded debian sid and now when a handful of programs attempt cursor stuff they segfault.

oneko (right after trying to make pixmaps for the cursor), barrier (only right after mousing-over something that'd change the cursor to something else), vnc (haven't checked its coredump yet), kristall (right after the window appears but before anything is usuable)

re: linux 

bonus points if X could be made to start in a way that shows that tty at first, then scales it down to a normal window with decorations.

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I don't have a display manager auto-start, so I login to a tty and then do startx. Now for the fun bit. I want that tty to be usable still from inside X.


Just now found out it is possible to copy message box data in windows by pressing ctrl+c. not sure when they added that.


has an empty action attribute for a form tag always been a no-no? I've been using it for "submit to the same URL we're at" for a while. What's a good non-empty thing to put in there? # "works" but I have a habit of clicking the address bar and pressing enter if I want to reload the page but make sure to do it with a GET instead of a POST, and doing that with a URL with a fragment ID doesn't actually reload it. Maybe an empty query string?

I'd rather not try to set it to something specific to the page. Like: action="thispage.cgi" or action="/cgi-bin/thispage.cgi" or even something like action="$0"

I figured places would be using nested details+summary tags for collapsible comments and hidden reply form. they do not. wrote my own shitty version in a CGI for shits and giggles.

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bash commands that involve any kinds of loops or conditions or xargs/awk/sed/cut always feel like something you'd see in a hacker movie where every technical thing is overcomplicated to make it look intimidating, except these are actually real

first arg is the value of the signature header. second arg is the key you want the value of. not using a second arg will make the program output a list of the keys.

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I made a program to split apart the key value pairs used in an HTTP Signature header. Noticed a bug as I was about to post this that it didn't support unquoted values like are used in the example of


and it would have bugged me to post it with that bug.

accidentally deep? 

I need to use less opaque containers. I keep opening the same ones because I forget what is inside.

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All external links on your site should have rel="noreferrer".

This is an easy(-ish) way you can improve your visitors #privacy.

It keeps the browser from telling the external site that your visitor is came from your site. #webdev

stunnel for https and gemini 

It took me forever to get it done, but I finally finished adding SERVER_ADDR and SERVER_PORT environment variables for subprocesses of stunnel so I can get ident working from CGIs for both http and gemini. Lemme know if you want a patch. It is only like, 10 lines.

re: talking about code only I will ever use probably 

Gonna use to let me auto-grab the URL from firefox instead of copying it from the address-bar :]

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talking about code only I will ever use probably 

Don't know if I posted about this when I got the initial PoC working on my computer, but I just updated some of my scripts that let me save bookmarks in PDFs as file:// URLs in my system-wide URL history with a page= fragment ID. It checks if the current window is mupdf and finds the filename and page number based on the window's title and checking all the mupdf processes' cwd and arguments. Now with support for spaces because I didn't think it was important for the PoC.

half-made meme 

the champagne/france/sparkling-wine meme but for podcasts/ipod/sparkling-feeds-of-audio

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