almost have a network map working right. not going to finish tonight, but everyone likes pictures, right?

setup ospf between two computers. one running bird2 and the other running bird+bird6. very short config blocks using defaults as much as possible.

protocol ospf AS4141 {
import filter anonet;
export filter anonet;
area {
stub no;
interface "eth0" {
type broadcast;
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People seem good while they are oppressed, but they only wish to become oppressors in their turn: life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.
-- Bertrand Russell

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I have oneko running around my computer screens. It helps me find out how long it has been since the window underneath it has redrawn by how long the cat-snake is.

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marked "use rtl-sdr to sniff the audio from the walkie-talkies" off my todo list. gqrx set to 462.534MHz in Narrow FM mode.

Just in case anyone forgot...

Yet another router randomly stopped working yesterday. Tired of swapping around cheap routers. Ordered a serious-looking Cisco router that should show up in a few days. Then I get to have fun learning how to get it setup how I want.

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please listen to evan doorbell's recordings of the old phone network if you haven't already.

here's the first tape to get you started. What Did the Old Telephone Network Sound Like? Overview of the Recordings

putting links inside ()s instead of <>s


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mental estimation of longitude if you know the timezone. ((tz_offset) * 15) since each timezone is about 1/24th of the earth, and longitude is from -180 to +180 and, 360/24 = 15

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cw-based muting when?
p.s. should content warnings also be hashtags for ease of searching?

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Started a new, empty world in my raycaster engine for a gamejam project. It's the first time I've loaded an empty world since adding lights, so it was mostly dark. But after a minute I noticed lights moving in the distance, though nothing should be there. After being creeped out for a minute I realised these 'Ghost Lights' are uninitialised memory being parsed as valid data, and now I'm reluctant to remove the little ghosts living in my empty world

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not uspol 

computers are neat.

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dokuja is now online playing Various Artists - c64Remixes in da Mix! tune in here now:

happy birthday to everyone to sets their birthday to january 1st because that's what is already selected in most forms. what year do you usually pick? I use 1970 for unix reasons.

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