chaos records 

sounds a lot cooler than they really are, but they're still pretty neat.



dig -c CH -t TXT version.bind

for anyone that doesn't have dns URI support.


does anyone have a working nick colorizing script? the few I've tried either don't work or work until I scroll the window or switch to a different channel, then all the colors reset.


I can tell I have multiple tabs of open and hiding somewhere because notifications make the bloop sound multiple times in a row.

re: robots 

can use the built-in stereo cameras as its eyes. mic as ears. not sure if speakers and headphone jack can be driven separately though.

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I was just thinking it might be fairly easy to get a 3DS to be the brain of a robot, and you can use the headphone jack for two analog outputs, without having to modify the system's hardware. Just install homebrew and mount it on a base with the stuff to convert audio data into voltage able to power drive motors.

supreme court justices 

don't forget to be pissed about how shitty the Republican's were with Scalia's and Ginsberg's replacements.

March 16th 2016, Obama
"6 months is too close to an election to do this shit"

September 29th 2020, Trump

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disabling ASLR 

afaict, even as root, I can't disable ASLR per-process using personality() if the binary is suid or sgid. :/

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re: hey guys 

oh dear. :) Don't worry, I'm doing the same in a few minutes myself.

hey guys 

where do I find the hacker underground?

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regular reminder to clean your computers fans/heatsinks

all I wanted as a 

revolution. just one revolution, and she wouldn't give it to me!

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Wife generated content- music opinion 

Classical music with a modern drummer is one of my favorite types of internet music. It makes 1700s music sound like a hair metal band, and delights me to no end.

search engines 

if it is easier to use a search engine to find something on the internet than it is to find a copy you already on your computer, that's a problem we need to work on... I'm talking things like, songs or links. I've seen people who have an mp3 collection still play one of those songs on youtube... or even though they have all their link history in their browser, they search for it on the internet instead of in their browser history.

re: microsoft github 

the repos that are likely to get included in the training are probably from older accounts and have more stars. so, just making new accounts and new repos probably won't be as useful. preferably people that use your code would be informed about the move before through some method other than github of the new location of the code before they start installing bugs.

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re: microsoft github 

actually, preferably we'd get copilot to still produce valid code, just code that is super buggy, so mixing in wrong syntax is probably not a good idea.

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