using this in a CGI to only have to run the operation pipeline if both the source data is updated, and someone actually wants to see it.

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inline makefiles:

cat <<EOF | make -f- 2>/dev/null
/var/cache/output: /var/db/input
[tab]operation < /var/db/input > /var/cache/output
cat /var/cache/output

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Onion v3 services are a lot safer than onion v2 services.

One of the main reasons why onion v3 services haven't seen much adoption by large scale sites is the missing support for onionbalance. This is about to change.

If you want to help test onionbalance for v3 onion services:

Moved all the git repos I had in /var/git to somewhere else (mostly /usr/local/src), and now I only have bare git repos in /var/git which are less likely to get borked when I'm working on code from multiple places. I think. Maybe. We'll see.

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If we don't believe in free expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.
-- Noam Chomsky

#anarchism #quote #bot

At someone else's house and I heard something that sounded like a raccoon in the closet. Go and look and there's a little robot snoring on its charging pad.

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Is there any documentation on what writing <ESC>[c should make a VT100/ANSI compatible terminal return?

whois.c seems to be assuming the query is a domain and normalizing it, which includes lowercasing all the letters.

assuming it is this function: idn2_lookup_ul being called on line 1233 in

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upgrade the package the whois client is in.
now the whois queries get lowercased before being sent to the whois server.

Looks like data URIs aren't turned into links.

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I was just thinking of embedding one-time bits of code into a toot. Let's see if a data URI works...


Any know how to get a globally tagged window in dwm that won't take the focus after every tag change?

Couldn't find a mic for my computer. But I have walkie-talkies and an RTL-SDR dongle and gqrx installed, so going to try to combine those two things to work as a mic. :)

cheese stopped working with my webcam because I was fiddling with stuff. couldn't figure out how to fix it "right" and found that cheese hid its preferences in a gnomeism of a "global menu", so uninstalled it and found I can make mpv use the button on my webcam to trigger saving a photo. :)

in ~/.config/mpv/input.conf:
0x21ff8f screenshot-to-file /home/epoch/images/webcam.png

Found the hex code of the button with mpv --input-test /dev/video0

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While the world is justifiably focused on #COVID19 remember that our (US) leadership has yet another plan to effectively outlaw encryption called "EARN IT".

People who can't use email are ipso facto not competent to draft such legislation.

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hey you know that guy hoarding hand sanitizer? imagine if he was hoarding money, that people need desperately for literally everything. and then someone showed up and distributed that money to everyone. wild haha anyways Jeff bezos has 110 billion dollars

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I had to do Lin's Hand-Washing guide. I just had to.

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