Be a shame if someone were to script this out and publish a tool.




You know, it would be a real shame if people understood that an inexpensive VPN or proxy service can make it appear that your IP originates in Texas and allow you access sites that are restricted to in-state IP addresses.

It would also be just awful if people knew that you can generate six fake Texas address in seconds at:

I probably shouldn't mention that you can download a list of thousands of fake names in minutes at:

I seriously should not bring up that fake, one time email address can be had at:

[next line was cut off but appears to be something like...]

Because it would be truly terrible if starting September 1st every day [...]

shitty address scaper 


curl -s -F 'country_full=United States' -F 'country=us' -F 'statefull=Texas' -F 'city=' | sed 's/<span/\n<span/g' | grep '^<span>' | head -n 24 | sed 's|</.*$||g' | sed 's|<span>||g' | paste -d ' ' - - - -

re: shitty proxy scaper 


wget -qO- | tr '<' '\n' | grep -A 10000 '^table ' | grep -B 10000 '^/table' | grep -A 10000 '^tbody' | sed 's/[^>][^>]*>//g' | grep . | grep -A 3 ^document.write | grep -v -- -- | cut '-d"' -f2 | paste - - - - | xargs -n3 bash -c 'printf "%s://%s:%s/\n" "$2" $(base64 -d <<< $0) "$1"' | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'

this outputs proxy URLs in the format that curl's --preproxy argument takes. They /will/ rate-limit you and ask for captchas if you're using a proxy. (lol) so, if you wget the page, save it and use the stored version. maybe use a different user-agent, or just save the page from your browser and then cat the list at the start of the pipeline instead of wget.

re: shitty name generator 


cat <(shuf first-names.txt | head -n1) <(shuf last-names.txt | head -n1) | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z' | sed 's/\(.\)\(.*\)$/\u\1\2/g' | paste '-d ' - -

first-names.txt and last-names.txt can be gotten from:

re: img2text 

keep seeing boosted by people that boost this post. Figure it might be easier (for those of you that have phones) to get your LAN to switch proxies for your phones than getting a mess of shell-script going.

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