twitter.com/sheeraf/status/144 (attached screenshot so you wouldn't have to load twitter if you didn't really want to)


a spinning ascii-art skull in a terminal in spider's eye.

low effort dopamine hits... right? 

an image I found and added to my desktop background shuffle

The webcam stuff was a side-track from taking this picture.

made my profile picture in hackvr.
took me a while to get ellipses working right. gave up trying to use XDrawArc because it can't rotate the way I'd want, and just convert ellipses to 18-sided polygons at draw-time.

almost have a network map working right. not going to finish tonight, but everyone likes pictures, right?

the stirner public license 

copyright is a spook

Fixed a small bug I had with calvr. I was thinking this month started on a Tuesday and had all of its days because I was looping from 1 to the amount of days. I was also using date's %w to get the first day of the week. which doesn't work right for this month. (also, date on my raspi doesn't even like dates before Dec 14th 1901 because 32-bit timestamps)

testing out IRC clients' support of ^C,## for changing only the background color.


art is at: w1r3.net/bntamm.bin if anyone else wants to test it out.

sometimes when I see things like "meta irony" and "meta meta irony" or "ironic meta meta irony" and all the other possible post meta ironic combinations and meta combinations, and recursive meta irony, and other that other stuff that can't be listed, I just want something like a picture of a flower.

what's the old joke? "nothing is more dangerous than a coder with a soldering iron"?

I've spent the last week or so debugging this natural glitch-art. Turns out it was a single line I'd not put into libhashtable to update the bucket structure of where the linked list should start in the case of the first element in the list was deleted. >_< Oh well, it made a neat picture.

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