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Can I get content warnings for typos?

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IRC wisdom 

people act like running your own server isnt ripping the means of production and excess capital from the hands of profiteering capitalists but it just is.


what type of look is on pikachu's face? (see first comment. can't have poll and picture on same post I guess.)

re: inverted pihole 

spam may be a good way to fight back against the companies that deal in data. garbage in, garbage out.

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inverted pihole 

how much bullshit data do you think I can send to facebook, google, etc before they catch on and block me?


the fold suffix should have been used for an amount of doublings, since when you fold something in half, the amount of layers doubles.

but no. it seem to just means "times" I guess.

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> the real long-term future of computing consists of figuring out how to make the best possible use we can out of the literal millions of devices which already exist.

The standard salvage computing platform - solderpunk

silver lining: spam 

free cover traffic


was using my laptop as a second-display by just doing X forwarding over ssh to my desktop, and it was fine. Someone asked if I was also using barrier. So I looked that up, installed it, and it sure as heck makes it a lot easier not having to switch keyboards and mice depending on which display I'm looking at.


30 years of drinking water and I still mess up and cough like an idiot sometimes.

The webcam stuff was a side-track from taking this picture.

and using it in this script:

dev=$(webcam-device) && exec mpv --no-cache "$dev" || xmessage "no camera found"
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Anyone have a good short way to find a webcam device from a script? Right now I'm doing:

for i in /dev/video*;do
if [ "$(v4l2-ctl -D -d $i | grep -c 'Video Capture')" = 2 ];then
printf "%s\n" "$i"
exit 0
exit 1

The symbol next to the HDD activity light on one of the earlier computers I used looked like a cylinder. Being 10, it looked like a peanut butter jar. So when the computer was going slow, my siblings and I would say it was eating peanut butter.

Is there a font that tries to make as many letters as possible look exactly the same just to fuck with people?

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idea: flowchart-oriented technical support wiki

kinda like a support forum, but instead of being oriented for threads containing posts, you ask a question, and replies come like flowchart blocks where you respond to spin it off in a direction

and then if someone else has the same question but a different cause, they can branch it off wherever their problem starts to differ

blocks can be edited, annotated with sources, marked out of date, etc. with the idea being that what starts as a forum-post like "i have this problem please help" grows into a living document for solving that problem

If anyone has some screenshots of cool interfaces in hacking videogames, I'd like to see them because they might be fun to implement in real programs. :)

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