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As a polymath, I always have the feeling that I get lost in all of my different interests and projects. Sometimes I think the fediverse can help me to get things under control. But it possibly will only increase chaos.

I'm working in the humanities but like to challenge myself with obsolete technologies. Looking at the soldering iron in my shaky hands is terrible but it will not prevent me go on trying.

On the air I hate 59 - 73! contacts. If you don't want to talk, do not answer my call. (FT8 is not an option.)

Always look at the big picture and try to dive deep. If you're only interested in your niche, we'll have little to share.

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In tech, if you demand perfection people will either see you as a moron or an expert, there is no in-between.

Whenever I feel bad again about the intellectual decline, I realize that I would feel much worse if I were, let's say, a film critic at the literary and arts section of the FAZ in 2020 and had to take note of the readers comments: abysmal.

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From the perspective of good old Europe: the voter turnout here in Estonia was 64% last time and I think that is disgracefully low. I still remember the 70s and 80s in West Germany, where the turnout was 90%. A highly politicized society back then, (as a result of the student revolution 1967). The numbers fell to 77% by 1990 and there they are again today. But these are just the numbers, the situation has completely changed. When I was a teenager, political conversation was the focus of every family meal - today nobody wants to talk talk politics any more.

Has anyone noticed any inconsistencies in uploading spots to lately? Normally I wouldn't possibly notice immediately, but lately I've been experimenting with reception on 17m and 15m where the spotted stations are not coming in the hundreds, but in the dozens. While yesterday's log listed 19 stations on 15m here on my site, only 10 were uploaded to Server problems?

Since there are now existing a lot of sites that depend on the database, this would simply make some of them worthless. I am thinking, for example, of the from PE1ITR , which offers a good way to compare your reception quality with other stations worldwide.

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1) " #Github has taken down all repositories and sites hosting code for the popular utility `youtube-dl`, which allows you download and view YouTube videos without the tracking and the Ads, under pressure from the Record Industry Association of America."

For the first time I really understand why there is a sunspot cycle of 11 years (in average), what sunspots actually are, and how they arise.

Highly recommended article by Ulf von Rauchhaupt at (if you are able to read German).

That was to be expected and yet: I didn't see it coming (in the sense of: I didn't think it through to the end).

Wire antennas are a stupid thing to take pictures of - because you never see the wires.

Inverted V for 20 and 40 m @ko18lw some hours ago. About 12.5 m up in the air.

Last night - a short moment before dark - M. brought a few perch over. He wanted to pull in his net and there were just too many fish. These are European perch, so actually freshwater fish, but because of the low salt level in the Baltic Sea, we have them here "on our doorstep". I had to kill three at once, gutt them and fry them. A delicious dinner!

Strange was the coincidence: we were just thinking about what to have for dinner - knowing there was not much fresh in the house.

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Every time you scroll on corporate social media, a billionaire gets a little bit richer.

One of my many contradictions: when it comes to software I prefer the swiss-army-knife approach. Although it contradicts the Unix philosophy ("Write programs that do one thing and do it well"), I was never good at using pipes. As a result I really love that in the end became it's own OS. Now, when it comes to hardware though, I use a device for exactly one function: I have a phone to make phonecalls, a digital camera to take pictures, a MP3-player for listening to audio, an e-book reader for - you guessed it - reading, a radio for HF (SSB), another radio for digi modes etc etc. However this means that I have a lot of stuff lying around. A large number of devices that I got for free or purchased second hand, as this approach - one device, one function - seems obsolete today. I also have to keep boxes of cables ready in order to use these devices. And I tend to have a second or third device of the same type in store in case the first fails and I need spare parts. Now, don't get me wrong: I really love to have all this stuff around, I'm not this Marie Kondo type of person who wants to tidy up his whole life. But it tends to get very complex lately. I spend a lot of time repairing things, researching manuals, chasing parts. But whatever I do, I can hardly keep pace with the constant deficiencies.

On my way to work:

One of these rare, beautiful days in Oktober, with deep blue sky. Almost imperceptibly the ferry makes her way to the mainland. Temp. about 18 ° C.

Life in times of : Week 1 of teaching under the new covid-19 obligations at our university. Mainly: wearing a mask (or a visor in case of the teaching staff) is now mandatory. In the classroom and everywhere else. Unexpected problem: I no longer recognize the students. Everybody wears a black shirt, long, straight, blond hair, and a black mask.

I just read the interview Alexei Navalny gave to "Der Spiegel". It is very interesting for one reason: it consists of two completely different parts.

On the one hand there is everything that has to do with A. Navalny personally: his memories of him being poisoned, the recovery process, relationships with family members, his strategy as an opposition leader etc. Clear questions - straight answers, sharp as a razor blade, of captivating logic. And then there are the questions about his political goals. That's where we're left without any answers. N. tells us twice that "Russia should follow the European path of development" - whatever that means.

We all know that the nationalist Alexei Navalny is not the opposition leader we dream of. This interview didn't convince me otherwise.

By chance I came across an autumn market in the island's capital last weekend. There was a stand where all kinds of mushrooms from our forests were at display. I could count about 90 different types - edible and poisonous. I was amazed: Sure, I haven't spend that much time in the woods lately, but you definitely must have a trained eye to collect so many varieties.

When was the last time you went to a public library? I've spent so much time in libraries that I could write books about it. (And I really should, because some of my most vivid memories are connected to them. As a student I went there in the morning and I went home in the evening. I read the whole day. And I remember my fellow readers up to this day - some of them were almost mythical figures. Famous, as botched geniuses.)

But the extent to which libraries have changed is astounding. Today I had to return a book - not for myself, but for my wife. But I don't even had to enter the library for that. Outside you put the book on a kind of electronic windowsill, a pane of glass goes up and you put the book on the assembly line. You get a receipt printed. Right next to it there are these parcel vending machines. If I had ordered a book via the Internet, I could pick it up there with my code. I wouldn't see any other books, any other readers. I certainly wouldn't see a librarian.

Can someone in the fediverse confirm that syncing multi-account containers in isn't working?

I usually have no demand for an account to login when using my browser. But I really like firefox containers and since the new semester just started and I have to use a different machine basically in every new classroom/ auditorium I enter, I gave it a try. Well, synchronizing my containers doesn't work. Hell, even synchronizing my bookmarks isn't working as it should: I now have all my bookmarks available on different machines but after day 1 they already exist 6 times.

Getting my feet wet with JS8 Call. First impression: first of the new digi modes that is going in a direction where it gets really interesting. The right mixture of automatization and total freedom (to communicate whatever you want). Plus intriguing special features like: heartbeat, relaying messages, aprs spotting.

Started with sending/answering heartbeats, sending/answering direct messages and went into a long QSO with PA2DKR. As JS8 splits your messages into 15s frames, it is slow - something that I especially appreciate, as it gives me time to elaborate my replies.

Lot's of things to learn though - as a newcomer I definitely caused a lot of confusion.

A question for the old hands: I had difficulties relaying messages. How can I save a message to relay it later, when the addressed callsign is on the air (and in reach)?

While I sit at home to desperately finish a translation - deadline is on tuesday - my wife went to the woods and brought some mushrooms home.

This is craterellus tubaeformis. The orange blanket is about 1x1.30m, so there are quite a few mushrooms here. Picking them took 2h.

I don't care much about mushrooms myself, but I'm fine with everything that makes me more independent of the food industry.

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