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As a polymath, I always have the feeling that I get lost in all of my different interests and projects. Sometimes I think the fediverse can help me to get things under control. But it possibly will only increase chaos.

I'm working in the humanities but like to challenge myself with obsolete technologies. Looking at the soldering iron in my shaky hands is terrible but it will not prevent me go on trying.

On the air I hate 59 - 73! contacts. If you don't want to talk, do not answer my call. (FT8 is not an option.)

Always look at the big picture and try to dive deep. If you're only interested in your niche, we'll have little to share.

Being a direct neighbor of Russia always requires strong nerves. You can't let every little bit alarm you or you'll go nuts. But this time it is getting serious.

Yesterday YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) published this map of the route of a Russian cargo flight from Moscow to Leipzig on last Saturday. It would be an understatement to say that it took a slight detour, wouldn't it? But why did it do that?

It flew over Tikkakoski, a Finnish Air Force base.

I went to the Live World Map of Satellite Positions ( to check the position of some NOAA weather satellites.

As there are checkboxes for all kinds of satellites I then just so unchecked everything else but the Starlink satellites.

Still making plans for the new year, drawing consequences from what I have learned from the previous one. But it seems difficult to implement these insights. I should probably concentrate on fewer projects. But I immediately fall back into the old misconception that with better time planning everything could be reconciled.

I fell ill and had to stay longer in Tallinn than planned. Lots of snow there, at least half a meter on the streets.

In the last few weeks I've been constantly wondering how the delivery robots will cope with the first snowfalls - since Corona I've been sharing the sidewalk with several of them practically every work morning and evening. It came just as I thought: already a few centimeters of snow and they got stuck.

Teach them how to ski guys, otherwise it won't work!

I remember very well how, for the first four or five years after the turn of the millennium, I had the feeling that nothing had changed. Then suddenly a new era kicked in. But it was very different from what I had imagined. I had had the naive belief that we were heading toward the future.

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World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov (right) holds demo game at the sports festival dedicated to the XVIII Komsomol Congress. Photo by Vladimir Rodionov, USSR, 24 April 1978.

For the first time in a long time: a quiet evening. Don't ask me how it came about.

The foto is actually from another fight: Wiebe - Mäe at the Olympics in August.

But the World Championships final was heartbreaking: all lost in the last 2 min.

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How could this still slip out of her hands? Have a look at her face when she realizes: the victory is gone after a 4-0 lead.

Epp Mäe is a great athlete - period.

Now that's a phrase I've immediately made a note of.

"The fear of unemployment, say economics, is really displaced fear of leisure." Oh, I see!

From Robert Skidelsky's utterly disappointing article "Automation can be your friend, but we must not let it turn into a foe" in The Guardian.

The human machine

On my way to work, just around the corner, I meet a mother pushing her child in a stroller. (To me it seems as if it is sleeping - it's only later that I'll realize: that's not the right word). Behind her, at some distance, follows a dachshund on a long leash, which takes its walk almost independently of the two in front of him. The woman pays no attention to either of them: completely absorbed, she is texting into her smartphone.

The next day the whole scene repeats itself: exactly the same spot, exactly the same situation. A mother and her three gadgets: two are on standby.

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When I was a kid I was kind of confused about how diet products work. In my mind, you were supposed to consume them on top of "normal" ones. So, eat, drink whatever you want, then have a diet soda and a piece of low fat cheese and you are gonna be healthy.

OK, that's funny, but it's all about a misconception in the head of a child after all.

Now, let's see how policymakers and corporates approach investment in green infrastructure and renewable energy.


It remained a 0:0 draw.

Unfortunately the second half, became exactly what a fan of the estonian team is used to far too often: a game on one goal - the Estonian one.

Positive impressions? Hein, the young goalkeeper who showed excellent reflexes and the 18-year-old Paskotši (Tottenham Hotspurs) who seems to be a big promise for the future. And by the way, when Paskotši was writhing in cramps on the ground at the end and the Welsh crowd thought someone was trying to steal time: I have never seen an Estonian doing that. Ever.

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0 : 0 at half time. Pretty much ok. And Estonia had the best chance so far: Käit hitting the bar in min 38. I think the team is making good progress under Häberli: we're almost back to where we were under Pijpers. The spirit in the team seems to be especially good.

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World Cup Qualifiers match Wales : Estonia just starting in Cardiff. Let's hope we will not be smashed again. Just to remind you: Wales - FIFA ranking 19, Estonia 109!

Tonight in an infinite loop at KO18lw:

Eliza: Alone & Unafraid

Love the contradiction:
"Fuck dependence, cos I don't want to lean on no one, I just wanna know, when I call you you'll be there."

Der Wahlkampf in Deutschland hat inzwischen bizarre Formen angenommen. Winzige Momente und Details, die vor der 24h-online-Gesellschaft unbemerkt verpufft wären (oder doch nur eine sehr begrenzte Aufmerksamkeit gefunden hätten), scheinen plötzlich den Ausgang der Wahl entscheiden zu können: ein unpassender Gesichtsausdruck, mit dem jemand zufällig ins Bild gerät; Lebensläufe, in denen kleine Ungereimtheiten auftauchen; Sachbücher, die nicht den Kriterien wissenschaftlicher Zitierweise entsprechen; bewiesene (oder mangelnde) Schlagfertigkeit gegenüber dem außer Rand und Band geratenen, gemeinen Wähler.

Die Auswirkungen der Social-Media-Bulimie sind verheerend. Es scheint, als müßten wir uns noch drei weitere Wochen lang sinnlos mit "Nachrichten" vollstopfen und sie wieder auskotzen, bis dann hoffentlich einige wieder zur Besinnung kommen und sich der Lösung politischer Probleme widmen.

With all that rain in August I was more than prepared for this: The small cabin that houses our water supply ran full of water.

What happened in Germany in July can hardly happen here in Estonia: there are almost no rivers and comparatively few sealed surfaces. Which doesn't mean that you personally may not get into a lot of trouble because of climate change. (The greatest danger however is probably storms.) I can do nothing but pump out the water from time to time.

Also temperatures have dropped quite a bit. 13.5°C this evening feels chilly and almost like autumn.

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En algunos lugares con poco acceso a internet, es fundamental un medio robusto para acceder a información de la mayor variedad posible de medios de comunicación. En el caso de la radio AM/FM, los medios suelen ser emisoras cercanas, usualmente 50-70 km de distancia en el caso de las emisoras de FM y hasta 150-250 km en el caso de emisoras de AM. En setiembre estaré dando un curso sobre como armar un receptor de radio AM/FM de alta performance para poder captar, por ejemplo, radios FM a más de 200 km de distancia y tanto más en AM. Hablaremos sobre receptores económicos y eficientes, como construir antenas y otras prácticas para poder hacer escucha de estaciones lejanas, o estaciones que transmiten con poca potencia, como las FM comunitarias, etc. Eso es lo que se conoce como el Diexismo o DXing en inglés. El curso es gratuito pero tiene el costo operativo de armarte tu propia estación de recepción AM/FM. Si estas interesado, podes ver el afiche donde hay más información. #radio #fm #am #dxing #diexismo #curso #hacking

As we celebrate 30 years of regaining Estonian independence there is ES30ES on the air for you - if you are into special event callsigns.

From today 20th aug - 29th (23:59) on 160-10m, 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm. CW, SSB, Digi. Have a look at

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