By the by: the rumors that the QCX+ really exists are true. I got my kit today.


Can you keep us updated, once you start building?

I have to admit that I'm generally not a great fan of these kind of kits (be it qrp labs or others of this kind): too tiny, too many ICs, too modern technology altogether - if that makes sense. Often I don't like how they sound. But the OCX+ somehow appeals to me. I like the inbuilt wspr beacon and the possibility to build the very cheap amplifier (50W) that should get you everywhere.

I don't agree on the form factor, by the way. I think it's a good idea to split it into two pcb's. These transceivers are just too tiny and uncomfortable to operate. (Yes, you could put it into a bigger encloser, use bigger knobs etc. But still ...)

@es0mhi with form factor I meant that the display on the + is at the front, which is already bad on the FT-818 and there are multiple kinds of stands for it. The QCX has the display on its top do when the rig sits on the desk in front of you you actually see what's going on w/o having to duck or anything. I totally see your point about rigs having too many ICs, though.



Now, that makes perfect sense and I see what you mean about the form factor. And it's very interesting because how many radios do I own where the display is on top? You are right: none. It seems as if all radios are meant to be operated at eye level - and that's definitely not the case.

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