It's well known that my interest in VHF/UHF is relatively low: I use it to chat with some friends late at night, but that's about it. (I don't get the thrill to make long distance contacts with equipment that actually isn't meant for this purpose. And there are almost no repeaters existing any more in Estonia - but that's another story.)

Recently, however, it came up at the Estonian hamfest that the tradition of VHF fielddays seems doomed to die: hardly any youngsters are interested in going out into the field with all the equipment (and do they even have access to it?), spending hours setting up stuff, and then making a few contacts with people they could meet on the air anyway.

I can be baited with traditions, though: don't like to see them dying. As the weather forecast is favourable, I'm considering to take part in the VHF fieldday coming weekend for the first time myself.

For preparation I put up a yagi (7 elements) and testest it at the monthly Estonian VHF Cup contest. In about 2 h I made only 12 QSOs - I have no idea how these local VHF contests work - what are the frequencies people are hiding at (more than calling)? But the antenna is working: longest distance: 262km to Sweden in SSB.

I start getting interested. Will try to get my 'big' yagi (11 elements) up and see what happens. (For the moment I rotate the antenna manually - but that's not a long-term solution.)

I forgot to mention that this yagi is for 2m of course. But if you're interested in this stuff you'll have guessed that anyway.

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