Touchscreens were for me a lesson in humbleness: when they were first introduced, I was utterly convinced that they would never take off.



I rather look at it from the other direction - but it comes out the same: If there is a technical gadget that really excites me, stop developing it immediately. It won't catch on. Most prominent example: google glasses.

@es0mhi that one I got it right :drake_like: after the expression "glasshole" was coined, I know the device was doomed :oh_no_bubble:

@entreprecariat @es0mhi One I got wrong was wireless ear plugs. I remember when the first generation of BlueTooth headsets came out in the 00s. In the states, a middle aged guy with a nokia in a holster on their belt and the plastic thing in their ear was known as a "BlueTooth Douche". I assumed it would be similar but I underestimated the power of Apple's white headphones as a symbol of white middle class status.

@praxeology @es0mhi same here. I remember someone calling them "cigarettes in your ears after you come out of the pool".

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