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Three ways to fight Coronavirus:
1) The Chinese way, where you exercise total control
2) The Swedish way, where you do literally nothing
3) The Russian way, where you declare the Chinese, implement the Swedish and pocket the change.

just get to know about jami (jami.net/). imo it's way secure & better than signal.
> no phone no. or email requirement
> fsf approved
> e2e encrypted
> p2p
what else do you need

I was setting up a mail server. Tried 5-6 times and was not able to figure out what went wrong.

It was aws blocking smtp all along.

I was planning for a master's degree, i think i'll drop that

There's a new feature in android 11 called Voice Access. Let me tell you one thing: your privacy is fucked

can anyone recommend a good dns provider!

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site's down for a bit, removing myself from cloudflare shackles

crap, i was cleaning my laptop and now it's not turning on :battery_emptyX:

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masto instance for the tildeverse