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Big Intro Post 

: Hello everyone!
I love . There are other things I love too, but I know anywhere I could possibly end up, I'll probably have a Thinkpad next to me. So computers are here to stay in my life (and possibly ruin it)

I'm also very much into but I post the stuff on another account. Maybe I'll post a few here later as well. (I'm building an account for a hypothetical character)

As for computers, I have this little list:
not to forget and Web 1.0.

Other topics to expect:
(if I find a cool thing, I'll share it and maybe summarize them on )

(not my mother tongue, needs work)

(obssessed with productivity)


I never had a good powerful computer in my life but retrogaming doesn't seem half bad so

This is an incomplete list, but I hope you have a rough idea. Thanks!

FUCK ICE, fuck the GOP:

TLDR: If your university is shifting to an entirely online semester due to the /global pandemic/, you need to transfer to a university with in-person instruction or they'll revoke your VISA.

(Tusky) Feature Request and Rant 

What is a little annoying about @Tusky is that I lose most of my feed after nearly 4 hours idle; it becomes really tedious to dig out those 4 hours' worth of toots. I wish it could just remain where in the feed I were when I close the app.

I mean you are not really supposed to read every toot, that's not how microblogging works, but a Pedantic Creepy Follower mode could be useful.

(Tusky is probably the simplest of masto clients and I really love it.)

Serial Experiments, Lame 


First few episodes. The fact that these are pre-Net and I'm watching them now ... it has been eerie, to put it simply.

Being a #Unix newbie is like trying to dig into #comics. There's decades of continuity and variations on a theme that are painful to make sense of without an experienced guide.

I hope folks don’t forget the “punk” aspect of “cyberpunk “

I will never forget that on this day, last year, I was forced to go to a food bank for the first time.

A job in RVA had fallen through, and my grief over the death of my cat had slowed my frantic search for a replacement. Savings ran out.

My application for SNAP benefits was denied, and I was shamed and treated like a scammer in the process.

I was facing down a long holiday weekend with not much in the house to eat. I was scared, and I didn't know what to do.

I drove to Feed More, off Rhoadmiller Dr. There, a kindhearted older woman interviewed me, repeatedly suggested I stopped feeling ashamed, and sent me home with two sacks of food, and info about further local help.

It was the first time in my life I'd asked for a public handout from strangers, in person. And they gave it. Kindly. With encouragement.

I'd been the recipient of help from Mastodon before that. Between those tow experiences, the lesson that it was okay to ask for help finally sank in, after a lifetime of being brutalized whenever I had done. There are good people in this world, folks who want to care for others with no strings attached.

I learned that at 41. I'm glad I had the chance to.

I want to give back, here or wherever I go. "Independence Day" to me is bunk.

I celebrate Inter-dependence Day now.

What do you recommend for writing #latex on Linux? Which softwareS (tex install + IDE)

Having access to the latest versions of LaTeX packages is not obvious for me

For example, I've just installed texlive through apt on ubuntu and I get Tex 2019 whereas I see on the last version is April 2020

Would be great if a GUI was available for browsing packages

#tex #latex #linux #texlive

I felt so bummed out when I found out if you lock your account, nothing will appear on the timelines. And no boost ... wait a second how are people living like that no boost??

Clean-up Thread 

Most beautiful pencil case ever (needs cleaning tho)

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Clean-up Thread 

I miss my old Presario V6000. This was where she was resting when she died.

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You guys can see my "replies". Right?

I mean I have been using them as a way to do "threads" but I think I should not do that.

Harley-Hahn Teaches Internet Thread 

Harley-Hahn Teaches Internet Second Edition, a translation to my mother tongue.

Lol it just gets better. Add all late 90s internet ordeal to how you would expect ordinary translators would translate early computer literature.

I think Language Council is just glad Usenet is gone.

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Wow, many people here are speaking or willing to learn Toki Pona! At this rate we’ll end up with a Merveilles Toki Pona Club in no time :)

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Harley-Hahn Teaches Internet Thread 

OMG This book is pure gold deserves its own thread.

Can someone explain what the hell is a objoke?

Clean-up Thread 

Harley-Hahn Teaches Internet.


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Clean-up Thread 

Found this old diary. Barely used.

BTW wait for the good stuff (electronics comin up)

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