@claudiom @forero @Maya @maperal @xiled @adamd @johnm @northernlights @xavavu @dctrud It's time for the 34th live episode of the #copaceticmusichour Saturday at 7 pm EST/0000 UTC on @SDF #anonradio (anonradio.net) and #tilderadio (tilderadio.net). Join the SDF chat in COM in the anonradio room or the tilde chat via IRC at tilde.chat/kiwi, channel #tilderadio. This week we listen to Venezuelan turned Colombian salsa group called Nelson y Sus Estrellas 🇨🇴🇻🇪. Tune in! #music #radio #internetradio

Merry Christmas to everyone! 🤶
I hope 2022 will be even better yay

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that I made some changes to my website, forero.xyz

What do you think? I'm still working on it so somethings may change 🤟​

Now on : Latin Reggaeton and Pop music presented by DJ forero. Tune in tilderadio.org/listen


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