How would you do it if Github 'gratis' (as in free beer, not as in freedom ) service is not available anymore ? 🙂

i'm trying to do #hugo #CI #CD ... too, myself.

Maybe combining #gitea and #drone ? or maybe a simple webhook or git hook kind of... ?

Anyone... more thoughts on this ?
are more than welcomed

@jla Oh hello! I just opened my mastodon sorry for taking so much time, answering your question Github has a free tier of Github actions, they are workflows that you can run every time something happens to your repositories like a commit, issue, etc.

As far as I know, the service is still operating for free, check github.com/features/actions


@jla I think you can still do the same with a gitea + drone setup, I have zero experience with it though but I think the process should be really simple

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