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hey! i've just become a co-sysadmin of .voyage , a , after volunteering to help @tomasino . Looking forward to working with ya'll!

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As many of you know, we have things called s. These include and I'm planning on making a new tilde (not certain yet), based in . It will be part of the . Still in planning, but please take the survey - Ideal use for this tilde: weechat, mutt/alpine, web hosting, gopher hosting. ~team is avaliable for more beefy stuff.

please join on for discussion.

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just realised i haven't properly introduced myself.

i'm a who lives in . a member of the and who loves . when i'm older i want to work in cyber-.

atm, i'm working on building up my presence while programming. eventually when i get stuff sorted out i'll have a site and hole at

hope to see you around!

and anyone got any good openbsd tutorials

beware of spam peeps, got an email yesterday on

Subject: Hi perv. I recorded you masturbating.

watch out for this spam

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my whole body hurts... I fell asleep sideways on the head part of my bed on top of the pillow with my legs hanging... I was reading a book. reading books are more effective than sleeping pills tbh

I'm now an ircop on, ping me if there's ever any issues and other people aren't around.

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Tonight on Choose Your Own Adventure -- THE RACE FOREVER by R. A. Montgomery.

Tune in at or at 0100UTC (That's in 40 minutes)

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sometimes i use the amazing vim command ":%s/\S/A/g | %s/A\s\|A$/AH!! /g" to have my code reflect how i feel. example follows:

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apt update takes 15 minutes.
it ran out of ram.

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"We'd like to have a meeting to discuss..."


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I don't have to abandon patreon because I've never used it. I smelled a rat long ago. We need a better way that's not centralized and not beholden to large corporations. IMO, free speech is sacred, even if I disagree with you.

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gopherd is back! as well as the gopher client!

automated re-generation of the town's main gophermap will be back when cron is back on.

Subject: *** SECURITY information for ***

the SECURITY leaping out at you ;D

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Music for all occasions

Upset- Africa by Toto
Weak- Africa by Toto
Lonely- Africa by Toto
Sinned- Africa by Toto
Worried- Africa by Toto
Anxious- Africa by Toto
Unhappy- Africa by Toto
In danger- Africa by Toto Depressed- Africa by Toto
Lack of Faith- Africa by Toto
Need Courage- Africa by Toto

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A couple of years ago I had to basically skip a year or two of video gaming.

Now I mostly buy games released a year or two ago. Since they're dirt cheap at that point, I never manage to close that gap - and I still safe a ton of money.

I can only recommend having a bit of patience... don't buy games as soon as they're out. The price will drop in no time.

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Encourage people when they do good things. A little encouragement goes a long way.
fosslinux boosted has been loaded up with close to two hours of very moody post-metal and post-rock goodness! Gonna smash play at 02:00 UTC! - be there or be square!

(There has been no tests, so cross your fingers ahahaha)

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