just realised i haven't properly introduced myself.

i'm a who lives in . a member of the and who loves . when i'm older i want to work in cyber-.

atm, i'm working on building up my presence while programming. eventually when i get stuff sorted out i'll have a site and hole at

hope to see you around!

wow i didn't expect that would get around that fast 😄

@fosslinux Welcome to the fediverse! If you have anything to show off or need any computer/unix help feel free to at me. :)


It was also #FollowFriday / #FF, the day of the week when many Mastonauts take some time to mention/share instances they found interesting, people who may need/want some friends/followers, and other people who may not have been introduced to one's own followers.

Just another #geeky way Mastodents show they are #friendly, mostly #harmless.

(It is also sometimes called #SelfieFriday as people share new selfies.)

@fosslinux Welcome! You've got a bright future. (I can't believe no one's got the original video for that bootlegged somewhere.)

(I also can't believe that a #gopher hole is now a sign of hacker cache'. ;) )

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