my continued use of linux at school is in danger. please provide links about linux at school, and using it ovet windows, and please give arguments on why i should use much appreciated :)

@fosslinux If it helps I've heard a story of someone sneaking Libre Office into school and teachers not noticing the difference.

@fosslinux I have no connection with the education system, but over the last ten years or more I've heard various horror stories from students being treated badly by teachers because they used Linux. Often the teachers didn't know what Linux was or assumed it was some kind of illegal pirate operating system which children should be discouraged from using.
@fosslinux The kinds of stories I heard from various people on various forums and mailing lists was always some variation of:

"I've only ever used Linux on an old laptop. Now my teacher is telling me I must install X and it only runs on Windows. I've tried Wine and other stuff but it doesn't work and I don't have money to buy a Windows machine, which I wouldn't want to use anyway. I tried explaining all this but the teacher worldn't listen and doesn't seem to understand what Linux even is. When I showed them what I was using they got annoyed/angry."

@bob yeah right. I did think of that, primarily for MS Office (OneNote in particular) and Dropbox. I set up a slick setup with a Windows VM in VirtualBox that works really well.

@bob @fosslinux I once gave a lecture in a Dutch Art School, on a Linux machine, where I just wanted to connect to the internet, for my presentation. I open my browser and saw: 'Your system is hostile'.

(Luckily I had all my links backed up locally).

---> what kind of school are you in, specialized? General education? who needs to be convinced?

Free Software and Education:

Why Educational Institutions Should Use and Teach Free Software:

Why Schools Should Exclusively Use Free Software:

@fosslinux Are there any legitimate arguments (other than microsoft office compatibility) against it? I understand you're in high-school? Are you taking some CS classes? Then you could bring up the amount of command line utilities Linux offers that you need for that, and that Windows or macOS just don't live up to those requirements. Is there maybe a teacher at your shoool who likes foss and could advocate for you? You could also mention that it helps prepare you for your career.

@fosslinux what is the threat? What do they want to accomplish? What do _you_ want to accomplish (other than the obvious "I want to keep doing what I"m doing" thing).

@fosslinux OK. How about a very large experiment ongoing for many years now?

Brazil has 35 million students in over 50,000 schools using 523,400 computer stations all running Linux.[78]

I wrote the original article, so I knew about it ;-) No relationship to the company and I don't know where my article is now. Deleted or moved.


@fosslinux Hi down there! I'm up in Terrace :-) A quick 1,400 km drive north of you.

perhaps @sakaal has some suggestions? While his daughter's (Finnish) school still uses Windows, they at least seem supportive of FOSS and provide software that runs cross-platform:

cussing in english 

Maybe somthing in the direction of windows being exclusionary, too expensive (which they shouldn't be able to force on to you), not privacy-respecting etc... Are Apple-Macintosh-Computers allowed at your school? If so, you might even explain their similarity. Also, not being able to play games on linux is a plus this time

@fosslinux Reading this over again, I wonder about your : "my continued use of linux at school is in danger". Do you have static workstations there that will become Win-only ? Or are you using Linux now on a laptop ? I get the impression that Windows users often are Windows user because of their comfort zone. They like to stick with the little they have learned, and "get things done" in the way they know about. With Linux there comes variety, freedom, new and different challenges and ... new adventures. You could point to the Four Freedoms of free software.
And one of the reasons I really liked using Linux in the beginning was the personal approach. A DOS or Windows install used to be cold and boring. Booting up and installing Linux gave so much more information and human "signs of life". And I still can't stop laughing about jokes like this :
"No. That's it. The cool name, that is. We worked very hard on creating a name that would appeal to the majority of people, and it certainly paid off: thousands of people are using linux just to be able to say "OS/2? Hah. I've got Linux. What a cool name". 386BSD made the mistake of putting a lot of numbers and weird abbreviations into the name, and is scaring away a lot of people just because it sounds too technical."

@fosslinux same with my son's school: Most teachers are thorouhly infected by the Windows virus and don't know how to deal with Linux or BSD, hence they won't allow for it. When I offered to provide some Linux basics at class offer was declined. That's the way school ensures students know where to buy their crapware.

@fosslinux what's your position? Are you a student/teacher/sysadmin? What is the concrete thing they want you to do? (Submit homework as .docx?)

@fosslinux In my school, using anything other than Windows (They have a license for each student, although we don't have admin privs) is against the ToS. Doesn't stop anyone from breaking the sandbox though - some leak the admin password, some factory-resetted the laptop, and I loopholed the BIOS password and put Linux on it.

Of course, all to put games on the thing without having to ask for "consent".

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