I am having some problems with the Mastodon iphone app. It locks up whenever I go to my own profile.

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I know.

It is not okay, thank you for asking. I appreciate that.

It is a pirate site that honors DMCA takedown requests only for a few days, then puts the files right back up again.

I have no power to stop them.

My living depends on the honesty of my readers. If anyone tells you that they get their books there, I would appreciate you telling them that they are ripping me off.

@mwlucas Hi Mr Lucas - there is a website called pdfdrive.com that has your books downloadable as pdfs for free. Is that even ok? Thought I would let you know.

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@frscottb Welcome fr. :-)
Nice to see you in COM on sdf.org today.
Not many priest on here - that I know of @mpjgregoire ? IDK.

Glory to the Holy, Consubstantial, Life Creating and Undivided Trinity, always now and ever and forever!


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