Why do so many people use mastodon only to "retweet" stuff from the birdsite? Isn't it the whole idea to escape from social networks who are actively hostile towards their own users?

yesterday my ceramics Teacher sent me a picture of the last pots I made.
I'm happy :)
Will probably upload more pictures when I get them home.

Had my second class, there were winds of about 12 nudos (knots I believe is the english word).
I didn't even know normal sailboats could go that fast, lots of fun.

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Also you can see in the bottom a finger mark from when I applied the iron oxide.

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Really happy with this small bottle I made some time ago the only problem is that I have no cups to go with it so it always looks odd and out of place.

I had my first sailing class today :)
The group was really nice even though everyone had 50 years on average.

"Instagram to focus on video content, will no longer remain a photo-sharing app"
I am so angry at this piece of news, people defend this kind of movement as "survival of the fittest" and "innovation" but is shamelessly chasing trends while disregarding the community you spent *years* building really a sign of strength? of innovation?
This isn't the first time major platforms have decided to change who they were in detriment of their users.
I am just saddened and angry by those who will be impacted by these changes.

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I got a reMarkable, and they don't even try to get you to not hack it -- they have it expose an ethernet USB interface that gives you root SSH!

...and when you SSH in, it says this as the MOTD

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Torrents aren't just a pirating thing
they are a legitimate file sharing method

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MINICUBE64 0.0.1
6502 based fantasy console emulator

Now available for MacOS, Windows and Linux


huge thanks to @bd and @nihilazo for the help

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Google doesn't make projects, it purchases projects. Then it promotes them, sucks out as much private data as it can, and kills them.


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