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I don't get libre sites offering free hosting claiming to keep data secure without stating how they are funded or where their servers are located.

I don't understand how companies think it's reasonable to use their employees personal cellphone as a 2fa method...
I don't want Microsoft auth thingie on my device!!

More like...
Bad look 😎😎

Poorly redacted 

So this week I wrote and assembler which, at first, was just a hex to actual binary value translator and I'm kind of happy that I didn't have to actually implement variables since I can just do:

.label: 0xacab

And it will place the appropriate value in the .label position :)
Kind of obvious but when I realized that by implementing labels for jumps you also implemented being able to place values and then having a reference to their position I was happy for a while

Sorry for the way this is written I'm trying to catch a plane

Arg pol 

Huh, someone tried to shoot the vice-president

Evil Corp wants to hire me!
Tomorrow I'm gonna quit at the library, it was fun but I've run out of savings and there is no salary rise in sight...

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Me di cuenta que solo escribi el alt-text en ingles. Ahi va en español:
Dos pequeños cilindros de ceramica que son mas anchos en la parte inferior apoyados en mi cama.
Su diametro es mas o menos la mitad de la distancia entre un nudillo y la punta del dedo anular.
Se pueden ver dos pequeñas llamas que salen de su interior. Sobre las llamas dibuje una pequeña sonrisa y en el labio de los cilindros dibuje unos bichines que estan reposados alrededor del fuego.
Los pliegues de las sabanas parecen olas asi que dibuje dos barcos.

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English then spanish. Ingles y luego español.
I made some candles.
Hice un par de velas :)
Tristemente son de parafina y no de soja pero bueno, me regalaron unos bloques enormes de parafina y no los iba a desperdiciar...

So it turns out that spending 2 years just reading whatever topic interested me made me much more knowledgeable but also ruined my employment choices

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it takes 36 cars to run a NASCAR race but you could fit all 36 drivers on one bus

So I finally took a decent picture of the iron oxide pot.
I have a lot of pots I haven't really had the time photograph... collegue is draining my energy :(

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What is a PC? But a miserable piles of virtual machines

Stop asking me to prove things correct!
Just believe me :)

It's been too long since I've had a chance to go to the workshop :(
I miss playing with mud making pots and little bottles...

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RT @rombik_su@twitter.com

TIL that a lot of heatsinks are made with a process called 'skiving', which basically means 'scraping' fins out of the base material.

I always thought they were milled or extruded!

Original video: youtube.com/watch?v=6PUk0m3bIS

🐦🔗: twitter.com/rombik_su/status/1

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every time i remember some game from 25 years ago i'm like "oh, i've literally not even thought about that game since I was a kid, i'd like to play that again" and i look it up and it turns out that they already released a remake sequel reboot FIVE years ago which was available on Microsony HoloRift VR and was critically acclaimed and the game apparently sucked and the people making it were emotionally abusive and the fans loved it, and it was bad, and it's now on sale on steam for $5

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