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duplicating copyrighted material in my head. storing multiple copies of it in different parts of my brain. suddenly a dmca takedown notice pops into my mind, followed by a court order. good thing i have lots of imagined cash, i'm ready to fight this one out

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@noelle "In continuation of the progress we've been making, I'm happy to announce we've taken a tremendous step forward toward true decentralization.

* ...
* Officially become digital territory of the Joseon Empire √
* ..."


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There will always be countless articles and boring-ass people objecting to anyone making a new language without "an excellent reason" or it "solving a new problem" or whatever irrelevant argument.

I like playing around with what people make, especially when it is early in a process. That way I have a chance of following the code, and I can learn how things are done.

Also, more people should be enpowered to make things for themselves instead of interrogated about how they spend their time.

What happened to ksp?
I used to play around 2013-2016 on a crap computer and it ran okay-ish (15-20fps).
Recently booted up the game and I'm having performance issues while using newish machine... is it a Linux thing or they just stopped caring about performance?

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Neural net image for “abandoned prison covered in fog”

Sorry for the word salad, english is not my forte

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Anyone has a good recommendation to read about Intermediate Representations? I'm reading Modern Compiler Implementation by Appel and while he dedicates an entire chapter to the subject he gives a "solution" to the problem without providing much rationale behind his decisions other than "This resembles the machine" which, fair enough it really does but I would like to read about how would one go about finding that representation.

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Anyone here uses a V60 coffee maker?
A friend of mine showed me a picture and it would be fun to try to make something similar but I'm missing some measurements.

So my <brand> printer autoupdated it's firmware and now it won't recognize third party cartridges, the brand doesn't even sell the cartridges I need and after calling them they said "they are sorry but there is nothing we can do" soooo I tried searching an old firmware installer and I managed to find nothing.
The only thing I was able to find was a ROM dump (2 files) of the version I need but I also haven't been able to find the email of the person who published it so I'm not able to ask him how he got it and how I would go about with flashing my printer.

So I've arrived to this:
The firmware installer is a .exe with the zipped ROM (1 file) inside of the executable. My idea is to try and replace the ROM inside of the exe with the ROM I downloaded.

Now there are a few issues with this:
1. I have to go from 2 files -> 1 files. The ROMs follow a pattern of 2.6 linux kernel -> files -> jpg -> stuffit file (no clue what that is). I don't know if I can just concatenate the download ROM and i'll be good or I'll mess up.
2. I don't know if the ROM I downloaded won't brick my printer.
3. I have never done anything like this so I have 0 experience.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Building myself a house made entirely out of retro-hardware, only to have it dismantled by punks within an hour and turned into biggest networked Megadrive emulator.

Fucking punks these days.

Had to refire the cup but I was finally able to take it home and get a nice picture :)

Why do so many people use mastodon only to "retweet" stuff from the birdsite? Isn't it the whole idea to escape from social networks who are actively hostile towards their own users?

yesterday my ceramics Teacher sent me a picture of the last pots I made.
I'm happy :)
Will probably upload more pictures when I get them home.

Had my second class, there were winds of about 12 nudos (knots I believe is the english word).
I didn't even know normal sailboats could go that fast, lots of fun.

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Also you can see in the bottom a finger mark from when I applied the iron oxide.

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Really happy with this small bottle I made some time ago the only problem is that I have no cups to go with it so it always looks odd and out of place.

I had my first sailing class today :)
The group was really nice even though everyone had 50 years on average.

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