looking for tech job, boosts welcome 

I have previously posted this as follower-only but imma post it public so it can be boosted, hoping I can get some help.

I am turning 18 on Feb 28 and I have a year to find a job for the next summer holidays.

The thing is that I am still in school but my dad wants to get me a job for the next summer holidays which is uh, probably some very manual job like doing grape fields for a champagne producing company.

I have a year to find a job and I would like to find a job that is likely tech related like software developer, system administration or repair service.

I am French and I have no diploma as I am still in school.
Literally any job will suffice as long as I have some sort of income.

Is there any "diploma-less" job I could do?

Having recently re-deleted Instagram, it's a pleasure to see how nice @pixelfed looks now. Best part it is it's not algorimically attempting to manipulate my serotonin and testosterone levels.

I'm saving this to read later for myself, but it should be a decent read. The guy has the best last name in the world, so...

Running My Own Email Server (2021-07-29)


Woo hoo! my personal time line is back! Again :-) For how long? Or is there a known reason why it was borked for a while? @ben @tomasino Anyhow, thanks!

At the time I post this, the comment page on HN is chock full of people avoiding the word 'corporatism' and its synonym: fascism. The melding of corporations and government.

Six corporations control 90% of America media | Hacker News


@ben is it only me who's missing the personal timeline?

Hi berfday bro @claudiom ! I was just complaining I missed you and snow in COM, but I know you and the boys are out playin' on the playa! :-)


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I wanted a little preview of next week's @guofu show! :-)
I guess Staples doesn't want ppl streaming youtube, but I got about 40 seconds of it anyhow :-)

Luiz Gonzaga - Respeita Januário / Riacho do Navio / Forró no Escuro

Vídeo oficial de "Respeita Januário/Riacho do Navio/Forró no Escuro" de Luiz Gonzaga.Ouça a faixa nas plataformas digitais: FiltrBR.lnk.to/ForroPedeS...


Today's WTF brought to you by the Government of British Columbia Employee Standards Act:
"Vacation pay is included in piece rates, except for **daffodils**."

Employers in BC must pay a minimum of 4% holiday pay on top of wages. 4% works out to two weeks pay for holidays. Some ag workers are paid by the piece, e.g. pickers. No advice is provided as to why daffodils are so special.

Hiring farm workers - Province of British Columbia


Ha ha! - I meant *aren't* high bars to hurdle!! :-)
I keep dropping the ends off words. My previous post had 'clear' instead of 'clearly'. I didn't post a correction for that one, as it wasn't such an egregious LIE! :-)

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I really must give matrix another chance once things are back to normal with pc and internet for me. @kmj has been telling me for years now. I just had a bad first experience long ago I think.
GitHub - toger5/TheBoard: A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [matrix] protocol and infrastucture.

A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [matrix] protocol and infrastucture. - GitHub - toger5/TheBoard: A collaborative Whiteboard powered by the [matrix] protocol and infrastucture.


Ha ha! - I meant *aren't* high bars to hurdle!! :-)
I keep dropping the ends off words. My previous post had 'clear' instead of 'clearly'. I didn't post a correction for that one, as it wasn't such an egregious LIE! :-)

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So this morning I met my favourite kind of person: one who is way smarter than me and who knows way more about a subject I like. I fully realize that those are very high bars to hurdle, but they also need to be generous enough to allow me to befriend them. That's the tricky bit.
Anyhow, I don't think there is an aspect of forestry they have not worked in, although they seemed quite young - like 40 maybe. Remote sensing, timber cruising, inventory, loading ships, photogrammetry, facility with s/w like esri et alia. ... just on and on! Unreal. Next meeting I must remember to ask them what pronoun they like.
The foto is from dawn this morning. Maybe 05h30 or so. The beginning of a most enjoyable day that is only half over. :-)

I just came through Rupa's till in safeway with an awesome bespoke sandwich from their deli. Cheap and huge!
I was remarking to her that there was no rhyme or reason to what attracted VAT and what didn't. My toasted sandwich, a full meal, had VAT. The watermelon wedges I got earlier: no VAT. The one seems even more of a convenience food than the other surely?
Anyhow, she said if it were up to her, she'd never charge me VAT. In fact, she'd never charge me for anything! Well! I allowed that I'd gratefully accept it too! A bit later I mused out loud how everyone in that store was so nice to me. The poor thing clear doesn't know me very well as she said "You think everyone is nice, b/c you are nice." Hmmm. Well, that made me feel very.... nice! :-)

Here is the article that prompted me to go in and get Tracey to make me a sandwich:

Restaurant prices in the 19th century (followed by 20th, below) Note: Until the mid-19th century prices were often quoted in shillings and pence, or in Spanish dollars. One Spanish bit = 12½¢; One …


Awsome day! I'm sitting in the Safeway parking lot munching on (cheap!) chilled watermelon, cruising the interwebs using Staples free wifi. I am happy!
I guess it's a bit over 30, but there's a breeze flowing through the truck on and off.
Perhaps I'll go over to the Skeena River in a bit and try my luck off Ferry Island for a coho. I think just a colorado + a float should do it without bait. Or I may get waylaid somewhere. It's a holiday weeked where I live and it's our town's annual celebration of itself. I think every town everywhere has one?


I just had a coffee with a woman in forestry and we were talking about lidar and putting one on an rc small aircraft.
I had to stop her at rtk, b/c I'd never heard the tla. Of course, I've seen those little white domes on survey stands all over the place for years now.
Anyhow, I'm having a tough time understanding how they get the phase difference, like how do we know the original phase?? It seems some [magical math] between the phase of the encoded information and the carrier? I don't know. Just spewing the difference as a correcttion to the rovers is no problem, of course.
Real-time kinematic positioning - Wikipedia


Do *not* mess with the eu powers that be. It won't be tolerated. They're all in this together...

EU court strips ex-Catalan leader of immunity | DW | 30.07.2021

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, along with two separatist allies, could now be extradited to Spain to face criminal charges.


Great. The EU courts have upheld .es prosecuting puigdemont and co.

2017–2018 Spanish constitutional crisis - Wikipedia


My home province of BC in Canada has a population of just under 5 million people. Most of the folks I chat with on here have home *towns* bigger than that!
Nevertheless, we managed to lose 570 people to heat death in the last week of june. Canadians no good at 50 degree heat! :-(
Pretty crazy times.

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