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How capitalism survives.

(1) Divide the wealth we all produce so the richest 5% get half, the middle 25% get a third, and the 70% majority get a sixth.

(2) Repeat to the middle that socialism means the bottom wants to take what’s yours.

Prof. Richard D. Wolff

Employer talking:
"100 to 300 million litres of milk are thrown away in Canada each year, whether due to a strike or other factors."
"In Canada, unlike other countries, milk is almost a public good ... we subsidize part of the production so the milk is paid for by Canadians"
What is the name of the union even CBC?
Did they strike before? Often? What is the record of the co-op? Is it a worker co-op or a corporate one?
Why must I subsidize the cbc when I have to do their job?
Well, gotta go!!

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#FourthOfJuly Special:
Who wants the contact details of my late husband's #immigration lawyer? (I live in British Columbia, #Canada)

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Jewel spider/Christmas spider (Austracantha minax subsp. minax)

These small colourful orb-weaver spiders are endemic to Australia and are found on mainland Australia and surrounding islands, including Tasmania.

#Australian #nature #NaturePhotography #macrophotography #SpidersOfTheFediverse #Australia #AustralianBush #AustralianWildlife #spider #spiders #arachnid #arachnids #fauna #insect #insecte #insects #InsectsOfTheFediverse #photography #macro

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A few days ago I saw this interesting clam. At least that was its outside appearance, but as we all know, only what's inside counts. And in this case it did surprise me, because the clam was in fact a crab, a #HermitCrab to be precise. 😄

The little crustacean was able to completely close the shells for protection and was otherwise quite agile with its creative housing.

#photography #EyesOnNature

The Fediverse:
"Say you were on outlook, and i was on gmail. We could still send each other emails right? Imagine that, but with tweets instead of emails"
-- @gamer 2022-04

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guys, when explaining the #fediverse to new people, just go with the simplest analogy, e-mail. worry about the specifics later. no i don't care if it's not completely accurate, you can make it more "correct" after the fact. you just need to put very basic understanding into new people's heads, you don't need to go

"oh well activitypub is a yoingus sploingus babingyi"

no just say something like

"say you were on outlook, and i was on gmail. we could still send each other emails right? imagine that, but with tweets instead of emails"

i've used this explanation dozens of times, and people always get it.

More fotos of Work Channel BC
I'm very disappointed in Banggood today. They cancelled my long back-ordered new phone and refunded me, but I didn't ask them to do that! *AND* the phone is up for sale still, but like $20 more in cost... :-(
I'll be taking ice fishing fotos by the time I get it at this rate.

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To get nice or at least interesting results from craiyon/dall.e you have to carefully tailor the prompt.
Which means that the ai is actually training the human.

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This is where I'm going to the salt tomorrow
Work channel BC Canada view from [a] drone
My phone cam is broken for focus, so this is better than I could do for you myself. Hi to Clair! :-)

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How To F#€k Up An Airport
It is sad, but even for a guy without a valid passport like me and who will likely never take an international flight again, the *only* airport that came to mind immediately was BER :-(
Wish there were transcripts though.

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What Operation System do you use daily?

#Windows #macOS #Linux #BSD #Poll

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Chromebooks foisted on students? Teachers monitoring what children do outside of the classroom via nonfree software? Surveillance of children is common, and it's at your child's school, too. Support #FreeSoftware

It's another outrageously great day here. Zero clouds, still not too hot, light breeze and low-ish humidity. What's not to like?
Also, no work today and someone already cut the lawn. I have left-over okonomiyaki cakes from yesterday and cleaned trout ready to go for supper. It's like I won a lottery or something!
Oh, and someone made pierogi kiełbesa with (who knew??) 18% sour creme on the side last night!

Tamil Nadu cops force teens to get haircut in Chidambaram, face flak
College students were forced to get a haircut in Tamil Nadu's Chidambaram by police, an action that has raised concerns over moral policing.
No idea how hair length (in either direction) became a 'thing'. So weird.

I'm not against managed logging - nor even clear cutting. Bears and other wildlife adore clear cuts: they are full of food.
Avalanche tracks, clear cuts, last year's forest fire... all full of berries and greens. Little food in the timber except moss, mushrooms and the odd squirrel.

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Does anyone know whether there is something like Computer Kiste in Berlin where you can donate old computers and monitors?

We log trees like this in BC on Monday's.
"90m-high trees aren't necessarily protected under B.C.'s protections, which determine protection by diameter."
Also, Tuesdays, Wednesdays...

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