My home province of BC in Canada has a population of just under 5 million people. Most of the folks I chat with on here have home *towns* bigger than that!
Nevertheless, we managed to lose 570 people to heat death in the last week of june. Canadians no good at 50 degree heat! :-(
Pretty crazy times.

You are right. Homes here do not normally come with air conditioning either - it used to be pointless.
Today the humidex will be nearly 40 in the town (heat island effect), but I will go out to the tree farm where it should be 'only' ~34.
BTW, so nice to see all you folks more! Good on @guofu esp. and @claudiom for helping to bridge our (narrow!) cultural divide :-)

@gemlog @maperal @guofu Indeed! So glad to have met you all through the fediverse. 🤗

Gemlog, please stay safe from all that heat. 🙏🏻

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