At that was it boys and girls! Inner Sanctum a run to mix shit up!

Oh shit it's Inner Sanctum on now for a very short run!

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Kicking it off with Type-O-Negative “Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity”. Haha! Now it’s ur turn! 🤘

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@glove @snowdusk when I was young, I belonged to an acting troupe called "Organised Chaos"

Yep this weekend we have another new episode of Organized Chaos! So get your dancing shoes on!

Organized Chaos is like a box of chocolates......left in the car on a 100 degree day. In the middle of the summer with all the windows locked!

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YES! Tonight a new Organized Chaos! It's loud, it's soft, it's FUCKIN' LOUD again! Catch us tonight after @snowdusk and The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour on

Shelter me, for I am locked in a world that lost the will to be free
Dying age, a chronicle of forgotten peace replaced by hate
Rescue me, for all I can do is try to escape this reality
Trip away, color the night until the sun awakes another day….

Sometimes you need to cut a hard left. This LP is that hard left, totally rocks! Enough bass to rock the house. This is a re-recording of the Stryper Album Reborn. Which was originally a Michael Sweet Solo Disc that was put out under the band's brand. This one is signed. ;-)

A classic LP. This is the real deal no repress here! 🤟​
Every song is a good one. Never heard it? Then stream it and take in all it's goodness.

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Thank you for tuning in and for chatting with us on IRC everyone!! 🙏

BTW this is the anarchist bookstore in Hamilton, Ontario that I was talking about on the show 🤪🤪🤪



in case u r curious 🍀

Please don't go away because ORGANIZED CHAOS with DJ G.Love @glove is streaming now!

to tune in go to:

That was quick picked up by a competing firm in less than a week. They already knew of me from previous interactions within the industry. So lesson to all you youngins....You are always being interviewed. As long as you treat folks with respect, demonstrate integrity, and trust you will always be in a good place. It's a very small world. 😎​

Die! Slowly you're dying
From this contagious disease
Once you're infected there's no hope of a cure
Your passing is a sure thing
Your thoughts are empty and hopeless
Nothing is left for you now
Having to live with this terrible certainty
Praying is all you can do

A black cloud hangs over your existence
All of your thoughts dismal and gray
The end of compassion lies in the distance
Your future only falseness and dismay

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