I like my revenge... best served cold
For a lack of respect and a lack of a soul

''Dollar bill, work your will.
Pumpkinseeds do your deeds.
Cinnamon sticks, do the trick,
Bring needed money & bring it quick!"

OH Look it's a pic of the CLONE! Nothing beats the real thing baby! Fucking COCKSUCKER! 🖕​

If you missed us still time to catch the last 15 min on tilderadio.org as we start to wind down. 👍​ Thanks to all who stuck it out for the entire ride, you folks rule! 🙏​

We are still kicking it on the marathon INNER SANCTUM. Now that is love man, missed last week for one hour and I give you almost 3! ♥️​

@glove - This is pretty fucking weird dude. But totally goes with your trip. Rock on!

Mayhem’s vocalist, Pelle Ohlin, aka “Dead”, was obsessed with death and stuff like that. He buried his stage uniform before their gigs to get that “smell of the grave”, and then wore corpse paint. He literally wanted to look like a corpse.

The thing is, Dead would often cut himself during gigs.

Dead committed suicide in 1992. He suffered from an illness called Cotard Delusion, primarily because he was clinically dead after an accident as a child. And the rest is history.

@glove - YES!

Every time this year
This dark fog will appear
Up from the tombs it comes
To take one more life that can be near
In the middle of Transylvania
All natural life has for a long time ago gone
It's thin and so beautiful
But also so dark and mysterious

I'm about to have a nervous breakdown
My head really hurts
If I don't find a way out of here
I'm gonna go berserk

Fuck all you bitches who stand by a clone. You're just a clone of a clone. You mother fucking clones! 🖕​

Haha mother fucking punk, you're just a clone bitch!


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